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Autism in Focus - FAQs

Why are we doing this?

April is a month when the public and media spotlight shines on autism with a view to raising awareness of the condition around the world. Whilst we think every day is a chance to inform and educate people, we nonetheless will always take advantage of any added opportunity to talk about autism. 

Who better to actually tell the story and give the real picture than those individuals and families living with autism. Hence Autism in Focus puts you in charge of the stories we share. 

For Scottish Autism, awareness alone isn’t enough. We strive to encourage understanding and acceptance too. We hope you join us in helping to portray some of the real stories of autism.


Where will it be displayed?

During April, the exhibition will be displayed at two public venues: 

The Overgate Shopping Centre, Dundee

Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

We will also be displaying a selection of the images at the Thistles Shopping Centre in Stirling on 21 and 22 April. 


Will you be fundraising during the exhibitions?

Yes, as it is Autism Awareness Month this is a key opportunity for us to increase understanding of autism and also raise funds to help us reach and support more people with autism in Scotland. As allowed in the venues, we will have receptacles that people can leave a donation if they wish. Money raised during the exhibitions will be put towards our charitable efforts including our Autism Advice Line, our online parent support programme Right Click and projects within our services. 


Any other questions? 

Please contact