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Hear from some of our guests and their families

Meet Our Families

Respite has enabled us to continue as a family unit with Luke. I know without it we would be broken.  Alison - Luke's Mum


Luke’s Story 

Luke has been attending our respite service for eight years during weekends and school holidays. During this time we have seen Luke develop into a fun loving and unique individual. He actively engages in all activities but is at his happiest when splashing in the pool, kicking a football in the garden or watching the bubble tube and changing lights within the sensory room.

Luke has built up very positive relationships with the staff and, although he interacts on the fringes of his peer group, he is very aware of where they are and what they are doing and knows them all by name. His broad smile and infectious laughter are an indicator that he enjoys his time at Clannalba. 

Meet our Families


Prior to his first overnight visit Craig was quite anxious about being separated from me and being away from home. Over a year later, after attending Team Weekends each month, his confidence in himself has grown immensely!

With a little help and guidance he is able to pack his own case, make simple decisions on what to wear and take care of himself and his possessions while away.

Separation from me is no longer an issue. He is now more able to think for himself and not rely on me as much to make everyday decisions. He thoroughly looks forward to his weekends at Clannalba and jokingly refers to it as visiting his 'country home'.


Thank you very much for looking after Kenneth for a week. We enjoyed the break very much, spent four nights in the Lake District and didn't worry about Kenneth at all! A great service and much appreciated.


Clannalba has been a lifeline for myself, Luke and the rest of the family. It has enabled me to get an uninterrupted night's sleep, a rest from the continuous care Luke needs and a chance for the family to spend time together doing normal family activities.
I think it is a lovely home for our children and as a mum, I can rest and relax when Luke is there, knowing he is happy.


His time at respite has helped him become more independent and helped him cope with different children and adults. Respite at Clannalba has helped with family life as we can give more time to our daughter and have time to ourselves.

Fiona and Kenneth

Respite has given us the opportunity to spend quality time together and to rediscover our social life. Kenneth looks forward to coming to Clannalba and always has lots of smiles on the way there. He is relaxed and happy when he comes back home.

Mrs S