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Advice and Support Hubs

Our One Stop Shops enable people with autism to access the support services they need in order to achieve an independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

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One Stop Shops

Support, advice and information for people with autism, their families and professionals.

1 in 100 people in Scotland are affected by autism. Recognising this, the Scottish Government made autism a strategic priority culminating in the development of The Scottish Strategy for Autism in 2011. As part of the Strategy the Government committed to funding six new One Stop Shops around the country for a period of two years in association with ourselves, Autism Initiatives and The National Autistic Society Scotland. Following this funding coming to an end, the Fife One Stop Shop remains open and is now funded by Fife's Health and Social Care Partnership and the Lanarkshire One Stop Shop has now closed. 


Fife One Stop Shop

Scottish Autism manages the Fife One Stop Shop. It offers people with autism, their families and professionals’ information and advice about autism as well as the kinds of support services that are available in the area and how to access them. As well as acting as an information hub, the One Stop Shop works closely with other groups and agencies, collaborating to understand and respond to the needs of the autism community. Our approach is based on an understanding that autism is multidimensional and that each individual and family may face unique challenges and require varying levels of support and so we will provide information and advice that is meaningful to them.

Our experienced and friendly One Stop Shop team provides:

  • Support to access the services you need, whether they are in the community or autism specific.
  • Guidance to overcome barriers such as an unaddressed diagnosis and delayed intervention of support.
  • Access to a library of information and resources about autism.
  • A safe and friendly place to speak confidentially to someone who understands autism.
  • One-to-one sessions, workshops, training days and group activities for children, families and professionals.

Learn more about the Fife One Stop Shop


Lanarkshire One Stop Shop

Scottish Autism also previously managed the Lanarkshire One Stop Shop, which is now closed. You can find information about other support currently available in this area on our Lanarkshire One Stop Shop page