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Meet The Team

Due to the online nature of this service, we are able to draw on partners from across the UK.

Billy Anderson

Dr Jacqui Ashton-Smith

Venessa Bobb

Sarah-Jane Critchley

Jonathan Drury

Chris Dunne

Ruth Emsley

Dr Ken Greaves

Sonny Hallett

Dr Jacqui Jackson

Dr Alan Kellas

Colin Kerr

Dr Ruth Moyse

Kate Salinsky

Dr Sue Smith

Dr John Smyth

Zandrea Stewart

Karen Todner

Jacky Towells

Ester Vickers

Linda Woodcock


Affinity has provided vital support to a significant number of autistic people and their families across Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Affinity service has been so well utilised that we have reached full capacity and, sadly, we are unable to accept new referrals.

If you or someone you know, is seeking support, we would recommend you contact our Autism Advice Line.

More information, including contact details can be found here:

Affinity is delivered with thanks to Barclays 100x100 grant, and funding from the Scottish Government and the Scottish Power Foundation.