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Free time management in autism - Episode 4

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Event Information

We are pleased to announce a series of short episodes on a variety of topics that we hope you will find useful during this time. They will be delivered by a range of speakers over the coming weeks. The series will be recorded in advance so will not be live on the day.

We are delighted to announce Peter Vermeulen from Autism in Context in Belgium will join us this week again for Episode 4 of Advice Line Live.  This week Peter will be focusing on ‘Free time management in autism’.

Time is a challenging thing for autistic children, youngsters and adults: estimating how long something takes, not knowing when and how to start or end an activity (making an end to gaming can be pretty tough), coping with vague and confusing time indications (“please wait a second” always takes longer than 1 second), surviving ‘empty’ moments, managing free time, these are just one of the many difficulties we see. Especially free time can be a challenge, because that involves two abstract concepts: ‘free’ and ‘time’. Using day planners is only one of the many solutions. Day planners only give an answer to the question: “what will happen today?”  Many other questions (such as: do I have to do this or is it an option? how long will this take?) are left unanswered. In this presentation Peter will cover some of the strategies to help autistic individuals manage their free time, such as choice boards, transition times and differentiating between ‘time’ and ‘free time’. With the holidays in sight, there is going to be a lot of free time to manage.

12:00pm to 12:30pm
11th June 2020 to 11th June 2020

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Join Peter on 11 June at 12pm here*.

*Please visit here at the above date and time to access the link on demand.

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