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Trying New Things

Unfortunately there was no Marley at assembly today, but we did look at some pictures of her at the start of assembly. Deborah had sent in some pictures of Marley from the weekend where she looked rather grumpy – she had an appointment at the groomers but didn’t want to go!

Jamie then announced to us this it is our Classroom Assistant, JoJo’s, birthday on Saturday, and so we all sang happy birthday to her in advance!

We then had an update from Jack about our Pupil Voice group. They have made a new ‘Home School Diary’ with more pictures in that to show parents what we have been getting up to each day. The group will review the diaries at their next meeting on Wednesday morning.

Our Focus of ‘Try Something New’ from last week was very successful, and Lucy showed us some pictures of pupils who challenged themselves to take part in a new activity last week. Ross took part in some sensory play, Ben practiced his piping skills with Liz, Kyran learned a new way of cutting potatoes using the ‘bridging’ method, and Jason and Jack completed a Joe Wicks workout. Well done to all of our pupils who challenged themselves to try something new last week.

To begin the ‘Look, Listen’ portion of our assembly this week, Lucy announced that Jack won a ‘Special Mention’ awards in Access Arts’ ‘The World Needs Your Creativity’ animation competition! We all enjoyed watching Jack’s animation, which can be viewed 2nd in the showreel below.

It was then time for our News presentation from Jack. In class news, Tiree celebrated Lauren’s birthday last week, and they made some arctic wolves, polar bear and arctic owls for their topic. In Jura class, everyone is sad as Claire has her last day on Friday, but on the bright side, dance class will be on as usual at 10am. In Islay, Jack is excited to begin work at Makers Cafe, our day and vocational community hub in Alloa, after the holidays. He will be visiting the cafe this week to familiarise himself with the service. In other news, it is believed that wreckage of the small plane carrying Argentinian striker, Emiliano Sala has been found in the channel after it was reported as lost on January 21st. On Sunday, Superbowl LIII took place in America. The popular Halftime Show was performed by band Maroon Five, however Jack commented that many people were left unimpressed by the performance, which was filled with pyrotechnics, comets, drones and marching bands.

He then provided us with two jokes this week:

‘You know, my hen counts her own eggs….She’s a mathemachicken.’

‘Did you know that the first French fry wasn’t cooked in France? It was cooked in Greece!’

Following the news, we all got up to practice our signing song, which is ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra. We took this opportunity to practice some of the signs we have learned so far, such as ‘paradise’, ‘roll on’, ‘time’ and ‘real’. Jack then sang to us a cover of ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ by Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson.

Our last Focus of the Week for this term is to be responsible with the technology we use in our digital learning space. Our new Skill of the Month for our Finer Diners is ‘using my fork’. Our new Sign this week is ‘long time’, which we all took a moment to practice.

It was then time for our Star Awards:

  • Our Class of the Week is Jura, who earned 405 class points this week, with over 100 of those points being earned by Kyran!
  • Kyran also received a Positive Recognition Certificate for being confident to try bacon, banana, green beans and cheese in Snazzy Snackers for the first time.
  • A Positive Recognition Certificate was also awarded to Jack for being a successful learner and  achieving a ‘Special Mention’ in the Access Arts animation competition. He was also presented with a Dynamic Youth certificate this week!
  • Our Star Baker this week is Adam, who celebrated British Farmhouse Breakfast week in Food Tech by making grilled sliced sausage, baked beans and toast.

We then said goodbye and good luck to class teacher, Claire, who has her last day on Friday. Jamie presented her with a bouquet of flowers and to commemorate her last assembly with us, we ended our assembly by dancing and practicing our finest air guitar moves to the song ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe.