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Please complete the booking process to book yourself and/or colleagues onto our online training courses. Please note that if you are booking other people onto a course you will be asked for their details and you must have their consent. If you don’t have their details, you can tick a box to indicate this and we will ask you to send these details to us at least 5 days before the course is due to start.

If you are booking for more than 10 participants please complete our contact form instead of this booking form.

(NOTE: Do not display this) The Options should be of the format "|". The node ID can be found through the following method: 1) Go to admin bar (on top) 2) Click on "Content", this should bring up a list of all the content on the site 3) Search for the event 4) Click on "edit" 5) In the URL, you should see "/node//...." 6) The "" is the Node ID

As you are booking for more than 10 people please fill out this this form and one of our Practice Advisors will be in touch to discuss your training requirements.