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Stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is a new virus, which is impacting everyone’s lives, including autistic people and their families. We have created some information resources about COVID-19 that we hope you will find useful at this challenging time.

COVID-19 support document

If you are looking for help explaining Coronavirus to your relative or the person you support, click here:
What is Coronavirus?
What should I do if I have Coronavirus?
What should I do if someone at home has Coronavirus?
What to do if I sneeze or cough?
What to do if I'm ill with something else?
I will try to sneeze or cough into elbow
Hand washing poster

If you are looking for stories to help explain Coronavirus to your relative or the person you support, click here:
Learn at home
Learn at school
Groups and activites outside of the home
What is social distancing?

Scottish Government have made an easyread version of its advice to download:
Coronavirus Latest Advice - Scottish Government and NHS
Coronavirus Isolation Poster - Scottish Government and NHS


External Useful Documents on Coronavirus:
Carol Gray - Coronavirus 
Dr Siobhan Timmons - What is Coronavirus?
Coronavirus Story - easy read
COVID-19 Hospital Visiting Guidance
COVID Daily Care Cards - this file can be printed to provide two cards per page, to use as a daily resource to help us keep in a positive routine during these challenging times. With credit to Rosanna Cooper (find on Instagram @drawitoutdaily) and Madeleine McGivern (find on Twitter @madeleinejm)

Did you see Autism Advice Live on 9th April? Our Practice Development Manager, Joanna Panese, answered questions from parents on challenges they're facing during Covid-19. If you didn't see it don't worry, you can watch it back here! Here are links to the resources she discusses. You can also view the transcript of the video here.


Please show your support!

COVID-19 is putting more demand on our support services while impacting our fundraising activities.

At this difficult time, donations are, as always, essential to the much needed funding of our Autism Advice Line. Our Advisors are working very hard to create these informative resources to support autistic people and their families through this uncertain time, while also responding to all enquiries to the Autism Advice Line as quickly as possible.

We would be very grateful if you would make a donation to support this vital service and help us reach more autistic people and their families when they need it most!