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Support and resources for home learning 

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Education Resources

Scottish Autism recognises that the current pandemic is impacting children and young people's education. We've developed some resources that we hope you will find useful to support home learning for your child at this challenging time.

Education Resources
Support for parents at home
Mood diary
Circle of control
My week
Supporting your child's wellbeing


Watch our video to hear Head Teacher at New Struan School, Lucy Chetty's tops tips for supporting education in the home, throughout these unprecedented times.




Please show your support!

COVID-19 is putting more demand on our support services while impacting our fundraising activities.

At this difficult time, donations are, as always, essential to the much needed funding of our Autism Advice Line. Our Advisors are working very hard to create these informative resources to support autistic people and their families through this uncertain time, while also responding to all enquiries to the Autism Advice Line as quickly as possible.

We would be very grateful if you would make a donation to support this vital service and help us reach more autistic people and their families when they need it most!