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Lockdown Creations

Check out some of the wonderful art works created by members of our online art group

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Online Art Gallery

From January to March 2021, as part of the Scottish Government funded Winter Connections project, we ran an online art group led by our talented Support Worker, Gabriele Gikyte.

The weekly Art Group brought people together for creative expression in an informal environment, offering the chance for a mindful break from the day’s worries.

For World Autism Awareness Month we are delighted to share the work of these talented group members.



I'm Lily, from Stirling. I'm 17, have now left school and will be starting college this August. I am autistic. I love animals and look forward to this virtual art group as it helps me to find new ways to bring my stress levels down by focusing my mind on themes and art materials to stop my anxieties from taking over. 

The sun and the moon represent 'coloured background contrast - opposing subjects on coloured background painted'. The sun represents the day and the moon represents the night. Using acrylic paint on white A4 paper. I enjoyed painting the night sky black with stars and galaxies in white. It helps the moon and sun stand out.



I don't have a particular favourite. I just enjoyed setting aside a little time for myself once a week in a very relaxed and friendly group. Art is something I have always enjoyed but I haven't done anything in such a long time, this gave me the time and motivation to be creative. Thank you.




My name is Jamie Buckley, I am 20 and live in a small village on the west coast called Tayvallich. I look onto the sound of Jura which is where a lot of my inspiration for my art work comes from. I love the sea and everything that is in it, I am very passionate about dolphins and orca whales and the conservation of them. I share an equal love for horses, I have 2 ponies and do carriage driving with the RDA. My highland pony. Cameron is featured in my painting.



I am Lily, I'm 16, love most animals and I’m autistic. I get stressed and anxious easily, especially at the moment doing Highers. This art course has helped to clear and reset my mind. I did not take art at school as I did not want to feel any pressure to do it but I've enjoyed doing this evening course as there is no pressure and it relaxes me. In Week 1 I drew the frog on the toadstool against the blue sky, clouds and a small rainbow and coloured it in. The sky took me ages. I wish I'd used a thicker felt tip pen. To me it means happiness with lovely weather and outdoor bright colours and nature.






In week 2 I made a ring with self-hardening clay. It's much thicker than a normal ring and takes up space which needs to be made by the fingers either side. I used black and white acrylic paint to make the friesian cow print. When I wear the ring I am reminded of the space it takes up on my finger. When it's off I look at the space inside and it seems much bigger than my fingers diameter but it fits.




I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a child, and this has shaped my life and outlook, both positively and negatively.  Making art has always been an invaluable means for me to escape into my own little world(s!) and take time to reflect when I need to, and I enjoy coming up with whimsical or dreamlike concepts that evoke my love of nature.


First Contact

For me, leaving my comfort zone and going into any public place feels like looking up into outer space: vast, exciting, intimidating, with the potential for both opportunity and danger.  But I imagine that, as lockdown eases and people return to work after months with little or no social contact, many others will know this feeling – so this piece is not a self-portrait, and its story is not mine, but the story of our world in 2021 and the uncertain times ahead.

Media: Markers, wet watercolour pencil and acrylic paint on paper.


Spring Buck

This picture is an evocation of rural and suburban lowland Scotland in the early spring – a time when the sunlight returns, the blossom comes out, and the birds are highly active and easy to spot in still-bare branches.  I always feel uplifted going for walks at this time of year, when there’s so much happening in the natural world - especially if I catch a glimpse of my area's elusive roe deer.

Media: Markers and dry watercolour pencil on paper.



Senses of the Overload - I painted this self-portrait during the online art session of the senses. It depicts the everyday life of someone with sensory overload. I see and hear the world more vividly than others. In a sense, those are my superpowers. I have been a part of the online art group since day one, and I have enjoyed taking part in all of the sessions. I feel it has been beneficial for me, not just as an artist, but who I am as a person, and my goals for the future.



I am Sophie I am 10 my favourite thing to do is watch YouTube and draw/paint also play with my dog. My picture is about my favourite thing inside the eye is my dog Minni. Also I did this in one of the groups and the theme was nature.



Abstract Art


It's mazes, upon mazing, to find the amazing ball.


Just 2 Cows.


Kirstin, Iona and Antoinette


This is just a safe place, lots of tress, relaxing, peace, tranquility.


I've always wanted to do creative things but never had a chance to, so these sessions were brilliant.



I started this (knitted scarf) because I couldn't resist sparkly rainbow yarn, it felt very fitting.

For 'beginnings/endings', I was thinking about a TV show I've been watching recently.






"My name is is Tahir and I am 18 years old. I am very passionate about drawings and enjoy doing them. I like to draw in details and make them as colourful as possible."




"Abstract art."


"Some vibrant daffodils to reflect the topic of nature. I enjoy drawing in detail and took so long to capture each petal and stem that some of the flowers had begun to die. I chose to capture them as they were. 

I like the bold colours and contrast of my clown. This reflects my mixed emotions as our sessions were coming to an end. The painted happy face of a clown could also represent the everyday masking I feel I must do to fit into society. The art classes have allowed me to set my inner creative free."