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Sign up for Right Click

Sign up for Right Click

We will be offering the Right Click programme several times throughout the year with each programme running for 5 weeks.

There are currently spaces on the following intakes:


How to sign up for Right Click

Step 1 - Complete our registration form

Step 2 - You will receive a confirmation email when you complete registration

Step 3 - You will receive an email when the intake you registered for is starting.

Important note for professionals

The Right Click programme has been developed specifically for parents or carers of individuals with autism. During the registration process, participants will be asked questions about their young child, teenager or adult in order for us to provide more tailored support if required. We are not currently accepting people onto the programme on a professional capacity, however, if you wish to preview some of the material to determine suitability for parents/carers who you support, please contact us at to make arrangements.