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Autism Alert Cards


Autism Alert Cards

We have developed an alert card that can be downloaded to your smartphone and used to show that you are autistic. This is particularly relevant during the pandemic. The latest Scottish Government guidance states that face coverings are mandatory on public transport and in shops. However there are exemptions for children under 5 years of age and for autistic people for whom wearing a face covering causes severe stress or anxiety. Our alert card states the exemption on it - Learn more.


Autism Alert Cards (Glasgow, Lanarkshire &Ayrshire)

Issued by the Autism Resource Centre in Glasgow, this alert card is available to adults and children with a formal clinical diagnosis who live in the following areas:

  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Lanarkshire
  • Ayrshire

The cards are available free-of-charge, as are replacements, and the Police Scotland logo appears on the front. There is space on the back of each card for the name and telephone number of a designated contact person (usually a parent in the case of cardholders under the age of 16).

Registration forms to apply for a card can by requested by contacting the Autism Resource Centre by telephone or email. The registration form is a simple two-page document and we only request the information that we require to administer the card scheme. We require all applications to be verified by a relevant professional who can confirm that the applicant has been formally diagnosed as autistic. Suitable professionals include GPs, teachers, social workers, and other medical professionals.

Contact details for the Autism Resource Centre:

Autism Resource Centre

c/o Centre for Sensory Impaired People

North West Social Work Services

17 Gullane Street



G11 6AH

To request an Alert Card, please contact Autism Resource Centre.
Tel: 0141 276 5252 or email

The Alert Card is another welcome step forward in ensuring that those individuals are treated fairly and given the appropriate level of support they require.