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Superhero Firewalk Challenges

Warm up those toes and raise funds for autism as you walk the red hot coals at our annual Superhero Firewalk event. Sign up now!


Now in their third year running, our Superhero Firewalks are a fundraising challenge to tick off the bucket list!

Autistic individuals may process certain sensory stimuli differently from those that are typically developing. Many autistic people have difficulty processing everyday sensory information including ‘touch'.

‘’Every time I am touched it hurts; it feels like fire running through my body’’ - Author, Gail Gillingham

Any of the senses may be over (hypo) or under (hyper) sensitive, and can have a profound effect on a person’s life. The aim of this firewalk is to allow you to briefly experience how sensory challenges may be faced every day by people on the autistic spectrum.

Minimum age restriction: Participants must be 14 or older

Glasgow Superhero Firewalk

Where: West of Scotland Cricket Club, Glasgow
When: Tbc for 2020
Sponsorship Target: £75
Booking Fee: £10

For more info: Email us at or call 01259 720 044 





Can my friends and family come to watch me?
Yes they are welcome to come and watch the actual firewalk itself, however, spectators/children are not allowed in the training sessions which happen before the firewalk. We suggest friends and family find a nice coffee shop to wait at during the training session and we will advise them what time would be best to make their way back to the park in order to watch the firewalk take place. The training session will last about 2 hours.


What happens at a firewalk?
After introductions, we will light the fire together and the evening’s preparation begins. While the fire transforms itself into glowing hot coals, we will spend the evening working with a range of techniques and activities to help prepare you mentally for the firewalk itself. The grand finale is of course the act of walking over the red hot coals; an experience you will remember for the rest of your life and for many people is a moment of profound understanding of what living with a sensory challenge can feel like.


Isn’t it dangerous?
Firewalking is a metaphor for life; when we step forward to do something we’ve never done before, we run the risk of discomfort, disappointment, or even pain. The firewalk instructor leading you through the workshop has participated and led countless firewalks, with many hundreds of participants, and it is very rare for anyone to experience anything more uncomfortable than an occasional small blister, or ‘fire kiss’ as they are also known. However, the power of the firewalk lies in the fact that it is an inherently risky activity, and the power of your experience partly hinges on your willingness to take a risk in order to make a change and experience a new reality. Everyone decides for themselves whether to walk the fire, and when to do so. Therefore, be assured that you will not be coerced into doing anything that doesn’t feel right to you.