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Power Walk superstars, are you ready?
Support autistic people with this step challenge.


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Power Walk with a Pal

Our Power Walk with a Pal challenge is back!

Join us for May's powerful challenge to raise vital funds to support autistic people and their families. Aim for 10,000 steps a day for the whole of May and power through to support autism!

Power Walk with a Pal encourages you to walk outdoors which is proven to positively impact health and wellbeing. Grab a pal…furry friends count, to join you for some walks, reaping the benefits of staying connected with loved ones.

Grab a pal (furry four-legged ones count), gather a clan or do this one solo, to raise vital funds. Your support enables more autistic people and their families to get the support they need, when it's needed most.


Sign up to receive your *free supporter t-shirt and walk 10,000 steps a day throughout May.



Fundraise and share your challenge with your friends by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Check out our tips for creating your fundraiser in the blue box.




Share your photos and challenge tips on our Facebook group to be part of a community of superstar supporters taking part in Power Walk with a Pal. We'd love to see how you are getting on throughout your fundraising journey!



How your support helps

Your support enables more autistic people and their families to receive vital support from an experienced team of Community Advisors via services like our Autism Advice Line.

Our Autism Advice Line is the only one in Scotland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, enquiries to our Advice Line have almost trebled as many autistic people and their families continue to struggle with their mental health and wellbeing.

Your fundraising activity makes a difference to continue providing vital support when it’s needed most.


As a thank you for your support, you will be posted your very own FREE supporter t-shirt once you've received your first donation on your Facebook fundraiser. See the blue box for tips on creating your Facebook Fundraiser.

Together, we can power through and make a real difference for autistic people and their families across Scotland!


Tips for creating your Facebook Fundraiser

  • Insert your fundraising target for ‘How much money do you want to raise’

  • Change your fundraiser end date to the 8th June 2022 to maximise your donations and smash your target

  • For the title of your fundraiser, include ‘Power Walk with a Pal’ in your title

  • You can edit the section about why you are choosing to fundraise for Scottish Autism if you wish or leave the contents of this box as it is.

  • Then click the ‘Create’ button


I had waited a long time to speak with incredible people who really understand autism.

Advice Line Caller

Did you know...

A brisk walk can help to -

Build stamina making you feel more energetic

Burn excess calories to lose weight

Make your heart healthier


Our top tips...

Wear comfy shoes and weather appropriate clothing

Listen to music/a podcast/chat with a friend to take your mind off the effort

Use a device like a Fitbit or mobile app such as Strava or Active 10 to track how far and how fast you have walked. Most smart phones also have a pedometer as standard so you may not need a seperate device to count your steps.

Add variety to your walks to keep things interesting and stay motivated