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Respite Services

At Scottish Autism, we focus on supporting individuals with autism through the whole life journey and enabling them to have fulfilling life experiences.

Respite Services

We take a very flexible approach recognising that each person with autism is unique and requires an individual support plan, which takes account of their interests and motivations as well as addressing the key challenges that they may face. 



First and foremost, our dedicated staff understand autism. They ensure that each visit is a positive experience for our children and young adults. We also work closely with parents and carers to provide the emotional and practical support needed to ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Whether you are thinking of short or longer term respite, please do not hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Our Respite and Short Breaks Service offers a safe and homely environment where children and young adults can come to learn and have fun, providing a positive experience for both the individual and their family.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Respite and Short Breaks Service soon.

Our Approach

Before coming to our Respite and Short Breaks Service, meticulous preparation and planning is carried out to ensure we are able to provide the high quality service that we are proud to deliver.

Building a profile

Through the pre-placement assessment, we build a detailed profile of the child or adult. As well as looking closely at their autism, we strive to understand their strengths and aspirations so that we can build on these during their stay with us.

We work in close partnership with the family, as well as the other professionals such as education, social work and health. It is only by building up this complete profile that we can begin to build the individual support plan that will outline the finer details of what we are going to do to ensure a fun and positive learning experience for each individual. Including the child or  adult in the decisions that affect them is integral to our approach. We encourage and facilitate each person to share their views and make choices for themselves.

Realising Potential

More than anything we want those who stay with us to have an enjoyable holiday experience but the time with us can also provide great learning opportunities. Our skilled staff are experienced in recognising and unpicking the underlying issues, which may be causing anxiety and stress, to overcome barriers to learning. The resulting individual support plan will take into account each individual's communication and thinking style. It will outline the ways in which we will incorporate activities and opportunities that allow each person to develop new skills, challenge themselves and grow in self-confidence.


Our Range of Services

Our Respite and Short Breaks Service is open all year round and allows for flexibility in the design and delivery of the service to meet the needs of each family.


All Day Opportunities

Sometimes a break for a day is all that's needed.


Midweek Breaks

Arrive on Monday, leave Friday or anything in between.


Weekend Breaks

Arrive Friday afternoon, leave Monday morning.

Longer Breaks

Longer breaks, for example during holidays can be arranged.


Emergency Breaks

If a child or adult with autism or their family is experiencing severe difficulties or a crisis situation, we will work very hard to accommodate their needs at reasonably short notice.