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Our Environment

Education at New Struan School is delivered in a unique environment specifically designed to support learning for young autistic people.

The bespoke building was conceived and designed by a parent of an autistic child combined with the views of pupils and the expertise of staff who had observed how the physical environment could impact a child’s ability to learn and develop.

Our school offers a safe, friendly and stimulating environment in which children and young people are supported to learn, interact and have fun.

All the architectural features have an obvious purpose, whether that is to promote order and independent movement from one area to another or to offer predictability to enable the pupils to understand and anticipate the environment around them. A great deal of attention has also been paid to elements such as light, colour and noise which recognises the common challenges of sensory processing.

You can take a tour of our school through the eyes of one of our pupils, Jason, by watching the video on this page. 

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To find out more about New Struan Day and Residential School, or to arrange a visit, please contact Lee-Anne McAulay, Head Teacher, by emailing LeeAnne.McAulay@scottishautism.org, or call 01259 222 000.


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