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Teaching and Learning


New Struan School Sam
Supporting Transitions
When pupils first come to New Struan School, there is a period of transition to allow them to settle in at their own pace and become comfortable in their new surroundings.

Therapy Benefits

New Struan School Steven
Music Therapy
Music therapy can have a huge benefit in supporting a pupil’s overall development.


Preparing For Life After School
At New Struan, we strive to prepare our pupils for life after school with a focus on being part of the community.

Learning in Care

New Struan School David
24 Hour Learning
David, like many autistic children, can experience a lot of stress and anxiety. Everyday variations in the environment like doors and windows being open, transitioning between environments and making...

School Assembly

New Struan School Dermot
Inclusive Learning
Every Monday, we hold an all school assembly which gives our pupils the opportunity to share their learning and successes in a positive environment alongside their peers.

Stress Reduction

New Struan School Anders
Reducing Anxiety and Stress
We have been working together to find new ways to support Anders. A few years ago, Anders started to show signs of being unsettled which resulted in changes in his behaviour. Many reasons could have...