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New Struan School

Help us offer autistic children a safe space to gain valuable life skills

Opened in 2005, the current bespoke-built premises for New Struan School, our independent residential and day school for autistic children, supports 29 individuals between the ages of 8 and 19 years old. The team hopes to enhance the facilities on offer at the school by providing two valuable areas where pupils can be supported to gain important life skills.   


Think Space Pod

The central open plan area within the school, currently identified as a learning space, is an area of flexible use for pupils and teachers.

Within this space, we hope to be able to provide a Think Pod, which would provide multiple purposes including: an area where pupils can collaborate on class projects; an individual work space for children to access; and a supervised online and digital resource that will assist in further developing this subject across the school.

The Think Pod will also give the flexible learning space a visually identifiable purpose, aiding some pupil’s difficulties of moving and changing between learning zones within the environment.

To be able to offer this valuable resource to the autistic children we support, we hope to raise £10,000 to purchase and install the Think Pod.


Life Skills Room

The current food technology room within New Struan School is no longer fit for purpose and is in desperate need of an upgrade. We hope to be able to repurpose this room to create an open plan, domestic-style kitchen, allowing pupils to learn independent living skills by the time they leave school and transition into supported living accommodation.

A life skills room would offer an inclusive environment where young people can learn both cookery skills as well as be provided with learning opportunities for self-care through use of appliances such as washing-machines, driers and ironing facilities. Although individuals will be supported by staff throughout these processes, independence is promoted as much as possible and is a vital area of the curriculum at New Struan School.

We hope to raise £20,000 to purchase and install this beneficial kitchen space, along with the integrated appliances.

Therapy Sessions

New Struan School pupils are currently being provided with Rebound Therapy, Drama Therapy and horse riding sessions.

Rebound therapy sessions take place twice a week, with a trained therapist. The sessions focus on sensory and social outcomes, giving a safe space for pupils to experience the sensations that come with being on a trampoline and engaging with their instructor. Muscle tone and positive health and wellbeing are amongst some of the benefits.

Horse riding sessions also improves muscle tone and balance for the pupils, with experienced staff from the riding centre providing assistance for each pupil. Some of the children would not be able to experience horse riding if assistance wasn’t provided through the centre.

Weekly drama sessions are also extremely popular with the school children and allow flexibility for each pupil; some attend for only a short period of time, while others attend and do not participate but still enjoy watching the interactions with everyone involved. The sessions are helpful in enabling interaction and improving communication skills, whilst encouraging use of imagination with the stories and scenarios presented by the drama teacher.

All pupils at the school are able to take part in therapy sessions regardless of ability as adjustments are made to each individual’s care plan.

The team at New Struan School are very keen for all therapy sessions to continue due to the huge benefits that are evident outside of the sessions. Pupils are showing increased confidence, interaction, communication and calmness in daily classes, aiding their learning.

We have already received £2,000 towards the £30,000 target to cover the annual cost of these beneficial sessions for pupils at New Struan School and would love your help! Will you support us?


Through generous donations and support of these projects, we have already raised £11,804. With your help, we hope to raise a total of £60,000 to be able to offer these invaluable areas and beneficial therapies for the young people at the school. Please get involved and show your support by donating or taking part in your own fundraising activity for New Struan School.

How to raise funds

If you would like to organise a fundraising event check out our fundraising ideas or you can sign up for one of our Get Active events. Please get in touch with the Fundraising Team at or call 01259 720044.

How to donate

You can make a donation today or send a cheque payable to ‘Scottish Autism’ for attention of Fundraising, Scottish Autism, Hilton House, Whins Road, Alloa Business Park, Alloa FK10 3SA. Be sure to let us know that your donation is to support New Struan School’s Think Space or Life Skills Space.

Find out more about the New Struan School by visiting Thank you!