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An Active Start to the Week!

We started off the week with some Yoga. Everyone had their yoga mats to lie on the floor and be comfortable, a lovely time to focus on breathing and relax before the week begins!

Then it was time to see what was in the bucket today! Jay was very keen to help reveal what was in the bucket. A drumroll revealed that Mr Doggy had a banana and Popping Penguin had an apple to show everyone. We then sang I like to eat apples and banana. But what else was in the bucket? There was a blue balloon and some party poppers that David and Alexander enjoyed popping. There was a big bang and lots of colourful ribbon followed!

Then everyone played Cactus Hooks. Daniel, Alexander, Danny and Jay all got their hoops on the cactus in one go, well done boys!

After this we had Look, Listen and Recap to see all the wonderful things that went on at New Struan last week.

We watched a very fast video of Lucy holding the puppets and walking with them. There were great pictures of some of the boys and girls with the bonfire, and the flames looked very bright and orange! George was at the farm and saw some sheep. Chefs Adam, Jay, Daniel and Ross were all baking this week.

Alexander and Jay guessed correctly that the pupils would be going to the farm, play music and bounce on the trampoline this week.

The start awards went to Alexander for being so gentle with the puppets and setting up the chairs for everyone.

Adam received a star award for saying good morning to his friends and calling them by their names. Well done Adam!

Ben got the star baker award because of his excellent skills of rolling and kneading the dough to make scones.

Assembly ended this week once again with everyone dancing to Meghan Tainor – Better When I’m Dancing, setting us up for our daily mile!