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Life Skills Room for New Struan School

Thanks to Spifox, who donated £10,000, and other supporters, the children and young people of New Struan School now have a brand new Life Skills Room. This wonderful space is an open plan, domestic-style kitchen, installed for pupils to learn independent living skills.

The Life Skills Room provides learning opportunities for cookery skills and self-care through use of household appliances such as washing-machines, driers and ironing facilities.

Independence is promoted where possible at New Struan School. Life skills are taught throughout the school years, enabling the young people to have more independence when they move into supported living accommodation in later life.

Liz Speirs, Food Technology Teacher at New Struan School said, “This is just the most amazing Life Skills room I have ever taught in. I can’t believe what the young people are managing to do already. A huge thank you for making it possible for all our young people to learn to love cooking and be more independent.”

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