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Animals Galore!

We had a busy assembly today with lots of special visitors. We started with Deborah talking about what Marley got up to over the weekend. She took her to the park and they made the most of the sun my going on a run and walk.  Also over the weekend Alfie was happy as he got to go to the Pug Café in Glasgow.

One of our special visitors today was Bosie, who is our music therapist, Janet’s, dog. We found out that ‘Bosie’ is a Scottish Gaelic word for ‘cuddle’.

We then discussed our Right of the Mont, which is:

‘You have the right to give your opinion.’

Jack and Jamie gave their opinions last week when talking about the type of music they prefer. After our holiday next week we will introduce a new right to discuss.

During, ‘Look, Listen’ some of the pupils from Birch Class talked about rabbit they adopted, called Freddie.  We discussed they different things that Freddie needs, such as carrots, toys and water as well as how we can be responsible with Freddie when we want to visit him in Birch class.

Lucy then announced that the butterflies in Birch class have begun to hatch, with two of them already out of their cocoons. The whole school will come along on Friday morning to release the butterflies. 

We then moved on to our news section with Jack, and more animal talk as we looked at some pictures of Oz the tortoise who visited the school last week - thanks to class teacher Rachel for bringing him along!

We also looked at some pictures that Lindsay took from Freddie the rabbit’s first weekend. It looked like they had a lot of fun!

In other news, Jack talked about how a protester stormed the stage at Eurovision while the UK representative, SuRie performed. He praised the singer’s professionalism in continuing to finish the song. Jack then also spoke about the late musician Scott Hutchison, who was the lead singer of Scottish band Frightened Rabbit. He had gone missing last week, and sadly he was found dead by police in Port Edgar. Our thoughts go with his friends and family, as well as fans of music. Our last news story today was about the Queen giving the official permission for Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle. The couple are due to marry this Saturday, 19th May.

Jack’s Tweet of the Week this week is:

‘My mom answers her cell phone like she’s on a World War II field telephone while under heavy fire behind enemy lines.’

Before we danced along to ‘Reach ‘by S Club 7 this week, Janet showed us some signs to go along with the song. Everyone enjoyed the signs and used them with great enthusiasm! Jack then sang the song ‘Pay No Mind’ by Madeon.

This week our Focus is to Be Safe. As it is Digital Learning Week we are going to be look a staying safe online, with class points awarded to pupils who demonstrate this.

Our Sign of the Week is Rabbit and Tortoise, which was demonstrated to us by Jack.

Lucy announced that there will be an additional prize for class of the week. The Class who earns the most points will win a cake. The class who wins the most over a term will be rewarded with a special class outing! We have also introduced a ‘Star Baker’ award for our students working in food tech.

Our Star Awards this week:

  • Our Class of the Week is Pine class who earned a whopping 70 points!
  • The Finer diners this week are David, Cameron, Jojo and Amanda.
  • Our first Star Baker this week is Jamie for making his pizza.
  • We had two Rights Respecting Awards to give out. The first was for Alfie for joining his peers in the animation workshop. Our second awards goes to April for being responsible in the lunch hall!

To finish our assembly today we were lucky to have singer/songwriter Horse return to perform one of her songs ‘Speed of the Beat’. Before her performance, she talked a bit about working with Jack and Jason recently on their music. She said that they have done a ‘fantastic job’ and we should all look forward to hearing their completed songs in an upcoming assembly.