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Balloons and Party Talk

With a very busy assembly, we started the week off with a big stretch for Monday morning. It was very relaxing listening to the music and we breathed in some menthol oils that was very minty and refreshing!

After the yoga was over, it was time for Attention Autism and we all wondered what was in the bucket.

A dinosaur that was very friendly but wanted to bite everyone’s toes! Then a squeaky pig was next to say hello.

The pig sounded a lot like a duck at first from its OINK echoing in the bucket.  

A red and white flashing light up spinner grabbed everyone’s attention and it was very satisfying to watch all the colours merge into one as the spinner got faster.

A yellow balloon got blown up, bigger, and bigger and bigger until Lucy let it go and it deflated very quickly!

Finally a very tickly Lion appeared from the bucket and it would not stop laughing. It rolled about the floor with it’s belly in the air laughing lots and lots.

Next up was Look, Listen and Recap and we saw a lovely picture from Kyran’s birthday last week. Benjamin and his friends got a great picture on their daily mile, David was singing and on Friday Bumble the Rat was doing a puppet show with Liam and Lauren. There were lots of rainbows in the party room. What a busy week everyone had. I wonder what we have in store this week…

On Tuesday there’s the farm, Wednesday drama, rebound and swimming on Thursday and music on Friday. There’s also a very special treat this Friday, it’s the GET LOUD party! There will be lots of singing and dancing to the music for sure.

The Food Tech chefs from last week were very busy in the kitchen. Adam was mixing, Alex was rolling, Jake was pushing, Ross was rolling and even Bumble the Rat was stirring!

Finally, to announce the Star Awards for the week, but not without a drumroll first…..

Benjamin won a Star Award this week for being a magnificent puppeteer and putting on a wonderful show for everyone.

Alexander won the Star Baker Award for baking very independently. He made fabulous healthy wholemeal cookies.

As always, we rounded the assembly off with a boogie to set us up for our Daily Mile!