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Being Responsible and Trying New Things

Our last assembly for January was much warmer than last week as our heating system has now been fixed!

We started our assembly by looking at what Marley has been getting up to. Our Food Tech teacher, Liz has been tidying up and found a dog ornament that looks like Marley! She brought it for us to look at and Marley enjoyed carrying around the ornament in her mouth.

Jack then provided us an update on what our Pupil Voice group have been discussing. They met with Lorraine last week to discuss their results of their survey where they asked pupils what they wanted to eat when they were at school. Some common answers included no peas and no tomatoes in the Macaroni Cheese. Lorraine is currently working on a new menu following this feedback which will be served next week.

Lucy then thanked all of our pupils for being responsible last week. Unfortunately for most of the week, our heating wasn’t working and so some of us ended up working from Head Office, with other working from the flats. Danny had Jay and Kyran at his flat and they had a great time making cookies there!

Lucy then let us know that the class rota for our new Eco Schools bins has been created, which was created by Jack, who passed them around the room.

To start the ‘Look, Listen’ portion of our assembly this week, Ben presented a PowerPoint to us that he has made about his new car washing business, which he has called ‘Ben’s Splashing Car Wash.’ The car wash will be open for business on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with each wash costing just £3. If anyone would like their car washed on these days, they need to let Ben know by 11am to book everyone in.

Lucy also shared with us that it was Liam’s birthday yesterday! We all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and he showed us the robot dog he received as a present.

Jack then presented to us our News for this week. Last week our heating system broke down, and so pupils from Islay, Skye and Jura class worked from Head Office on their Maths and Literacy. This week everyone is glad to be back in the school building!

In Jura class, the rubber band ball this is being created by Kyran now weighs 763 grams. It’s great to see Kyran doing so many positive things to earn new bands for the ball!

Jack and Jason have continued to work on their music and sound productions at college, and Jack shared that while having his lunch on his own, another student from his class asked if he would sit with them. Jack said that he would be happy to sit with them and expressed to us how joyful this made him feel.  

Jack’s Joke of the Week is:

‘Why doesn’t Ed have a girlfriend anymore? Cause Sheeran away!’

After our news we then moved on to our signing song, which is ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra. Some of the new signs we practiced during this song was ‘real’, ‘paradise’ and ‘boys’. We then had a moment to calm down as we listened to Jack sing a cover of ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the popular movie, A Star Is Born.

Our Focus for this week is a ‘try something new’ challenge. Lucy encouraged us to take part in new activities this week that we have not participated in before, such as Snazzy Snackers, Eco School and Lego Robotics.

Our Sign of the Week is ‘real/true’, which was practised during our signing song this week, and our Finer Diners Skill of the Month is ‘pouring’, which George has been practicing on a lot.

It was then time for our Star Awards:

  • Our Class of the Week is Tiree, who earned 230 points.
  • Danny was awarded with a Positive Recognition Certificate for being a responsible citizen and making Jay and Kyran feel so welcome at the flats last week!
  • Alfie, Jason, Jack and Kyran in our Pupil Voice group also received Positive Recognition Certificates for being effective contributors to our lunch menu review with Lorraine.
  • Our Star Baker this week is Jack, who invented a haggis, turnip, potato and cheese tower to celebrate Robert Burns Night.

We then finished our assembly this week with everyone dancing to ‘Mamma Mia’ by Abba, which was chosen by Tiree.