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Birch class presents the latest news

All of our pupils are enjoying Marley becoming a regular feature in our assemblies, and they have also been enjoying spending quality time with her when she visits each class throughout the day.

Lucy began our assembly today by talking about our Right of the Week. This week it is:

‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities.’

This right will be useful for us to keep in mind as we rehearse for our upcoming performance of Macbeth at the end of March, and we will also be thinking about how we relate to this during our learning this week.



During ‘Look, Listen’, Birch class presented updates to us in our new ‘News’ feature.

Jason began this week by updating us with highlights from the Superbowl last night. In this last game of the season for American Football, the Philadelphia Eagles played against the New England Patriots and managed to beat them 42-33. Jason was very happy about this as he had picked the Eagles to win. He also told us about how P!nk may have been in trouble as she was caught dropping chewing gum before she sang the national anthem. As it turned out, it was just a throat lozenge as she had been poorly during the week.

He then updated us with a bit of financial news. It was announced that the Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA will no longer allow their customers to buy Bitcoin on their credit cards. They have done this as the value of the currency has fallen and banks are concerned about their customers getting into debt.as a result.

Ben then provided us with his own update. He is currently in the process of building his own PC in order to achieve 2 Dynamic Youth Awards, and he is planning on emailing his story to each class so they can review and give comments if they wish. He is also currently working on his own novel and has reached chapter eight. We hope we will be able to hear an excerpt in one of our assemblies soon.

Following this, Jack then briefly talked to us about how some cities in China are lit up in colourful displays ahead of the Chinese New Year, which is on February 16th. On the day there will also be a number of lantern shows to celebrate. 

Lucy then had the opportunity to practice being a weathergirl by providing us with a weather update for the week. This week is due to be quite cloudy, with some rain on Friday. Hopefully the weather will improve over the coming weeks as we head into Spring!

Musical fun then followed with everyone taking part in our signing song, followed by a performance by Jack of ‘2U’ by David Guetta and Justin Beiber. 

This week our Focus is to check our timetables regularly. Pupils will also be given class points for doing this. Our Sign this week is ‘Quiet’, and our pupils will be practising this during the week.

Our Star Awards for this week:

  • Class of the Week is Ash for using a clear visual board
  • The Finer Diners this week are Jenny, Danny and Sam for practising their cutlery grip
  • Our Rights Respecting Award this week goes to Sam for supporting Jenny to make her breakfast at Breakfast Club

Our assembly this week ended with a surprise song picked by Ash class. The song chosen was ‘Josephs Coat’ by Jacob and Sons from the musical ‘Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat’.