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Brainstorming our Fundraising Ideas

During ‘Look, Listen’ at the beginning of our assembly this week, we reflected on some of our activities from our previous Focus of the Week, which included making pancakes, dressing up for World Book Day and creating birthday party invitations and cards.

Our Pupil Voice Group have been working hard to come up with fundraising ideas to raise money for our upcoming Lendrick Muir trip. The group made a mind map of all of their ideas, which included a sponsored dress up day, silent disco, a walk or cycle distance challenge.

Our Eco Group have also been very busy and have arranged for our pupils to pick up litter on our Daily Mile today. They are also hoping to get a pupil from each class to join the group to pick litter in the local community on Wednesdays.

It was then time for our news section, which was presented by Jack. In class news, Skye and Islay will be visiting Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh this week and Sam in Islay will also be celebrating his birthday this week. Kyran in Jura class has a very exciting week as he will be a mascot at an upcoming Rangers game. In Barra, David went to the dentist and was very brave while having his teeth scaled. Jack then also spoke about how public health chiefs have proposed a ban on idling cars outside of school areas in order to cut air pollution.

We were then fortunate to have three jokes this week!

Joke 1: What was left after the French factory exploded? Da Bri.

Joke 2: Why is ‘dark’ spelt with a ‘k’ and not a ‘c’? Because you can’t ‘c’ in the dark!

Joke 3: The letter ‘E’ was crossing the road when he was almost ran over by a car. Fortunately, he was saved by the other vowels. What did he say to them? A, I O U!

Following the news, we all danced and signed along to our signing song, ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra. We are now well-versed in our signs for this song, and have started to think about what our signing song for our next term will be.

Following the signing song, Jack then sang to us a fantastic cover of ‘Sad Machine’ by Porter Robinson.

We then looked at our Focus of the Week, which is to be responsible members of the school by helping out with our litter picking and keeping our school tidy. Our Finer Diners are also working hard on our Skill of the Month, which is ‘Scraping my Plate’.


It was then time for our Star Awards!

  • Our Class of the Week is Barra, who earned a whopping 300 points this week!
  • Jamie was awarded with a Positive Recognition Certificate for taking the lead with Attention Autism in Barra.
  • David also received a Positive Recognition Certificate for doing a brilliant job getting the hopping done for his flat. He kept busy pushing the trolley and packing the bags!
  • Our Star Baker this week is Danny, who made perfect pancakes in celebration on Pancake Day.

Our assembly ended this week with everyone dancing along to ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen, which was chosen for Ross in Barra class.