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Celebrating Burns Night

Our assembly this week was special as it was Scottish themed in celebration of it being Burns Night this week!

Our assembly started this week with an update of what Marley got up to over the weekend. She went on a long, adventurous walk with Deborah on a path behind their house. Unfortunately Marley cut her paw on the walk but it is getting better and she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it!

Following their latest meeting, our Pupil Voice group have been looking at our lunch options. Over the next week, Lorraine will be conducting a survey with pupils on what we like to have for lunch. She will be taking a healthy lunch plate with her so everyone can see what healthy options we have available.

We then looked at some examples of our pupils achieving and being responsible over the past week. George has done a great job of practicing his ‘Finer Diners’ skill of pouring, and has been holding the jug by himself. Jura class have also been very responsible this week by following our Technology Agreement and keeping a ‘no phone zone’. By having this zone they are ensuring that they are focussing during teaching time and only using their technology at designated times such as our ‘choose’ time or at lunch.

All of our Eco Schools bins have now arrived and have been placed in our classrooms and common areas. Our recycling rota that will illustrate when each class will be responsible for taking out the recycling will be out later on this week.

We then began our ‘Look, Listen’ part of the assembly which was Scottish themed in celebration of Burns Night, which takes place on Friday this week. Jason started by playing for us a new music track he produced as Asendo with Lyn-z, titled ‘To A Louse’. In the track he recited a popular Burns poem along to music. Following this, Barra class sang ‘Wee Willie Winkie’, one of their favourite Scottish rhymes.

In a special part of our assembly, Jason and Lucy demonstrated the first of our ceilidh dances, which was the Canadian Barn Dance. This dance was familiar to most of us as we have been practicing this dance in class throughout the week. Everyone got up and enthusiastically joined in the dance. After getting all tired out during the dancing, we then all had a moment to calm down as Jack sang to us a beautiful rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

It was then time to hand out our Star Awards:

  • Our Class of the Week is Jura, who earned 475 class points for doing so well working on staying active and looking after their technology this week.
  • Kyran was awarded a Positive Recognition Certificate for participating in all learning opportunities and looking for ways to contribute even more to the school - well done Kyran!
  • Our Star Baker this week is Jason for teaching his ‘Fluffy Egg’ recipe. It was so good that even Kyran tasted it and liked it!

Our assembly this week ended with everyone taking part in our second ceilidh dance - The Gay Gordons, which was followed by Jack addressing our Haggis, which was cut by Jason.