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Class News Roundup

Our assembly this week started with our catch up on what Marley and Freddie got up to over the weekend. Deborah said the Marley tried to get up on the sofa and beg for snacks, and her puppy dog eyes worked as she relented and gave her some popcorn. It was Lucy’s turn this past weekend to look after Freddie. Freddie particularly enjoyed playing on the bed where Lucy made a mountain of pillows. He also very much enjoyed the cat scratching post, although Lucy had the impression that the cat didn’t like Freddie being around too much!

We then discussed our newly set up Pupil Voice Group, as part of our discussion around our Right of the Month, which is: ‘You have the right to be heard and listened to.’ Our first meeting was last Wednesday, where Jamie, David, Jack, Jack and Danny spoke about their rights, as well as what rights were most important to them at school. They highlighted the right to an education and the right to have fun and play as being important to them. The group will be looking at one right each month which they will talk a bit about at each assembly.

To begin ‘Look, Listen’ this month, Lucy announced that Eco Schools will be coming back! Our Eco Schools group will meet every second Wednesday to discuss what we can do to become more environmentally friendly and hopefully earn a Green Flag!

We also had a look at our newly installed ’50 Things’ thermometer. Our 50 Things is a list of achievements for our time at New Struan School, and the thermometer will measure these achievements in Bronze, Gold, Silver and Platinum levels.  We will soon take our pictures that will be attached to the thermometer to mark which level we are at. Once we reach each level, we will also receive certificates and trophies at assembly, so we are really excited to get started on this!

We then moved on to the news as presented by Jack and Jason. Our first news piece was a roundup of our school news, with updates from each class. Skye have made a quote wall consisting of famous and made up quotes. They are also excited as this week is Scottish Maths week.

In Jura class they have made a morning folder and have started using the gym equipment. Last Thursday, Jamie and Danny visited Kaspa’s Desert House in Edinburgh. Danny had a Banoffee Pie milkshake and Jamie enjoyed cookie dough and a white hot chocolate.

In Barra class, David has a successful visit with the dentist, and Ross walked a full mile during the Daily Mile.

In other news this week, Jamie Oliver has partnered with Tesco to create recipes and tips, including healthier recipes from scratch. This is a big step away from his previous deal with Sainsbury’s. Jack also mentioned that recently Jamie Oliver has had to close branches of his Jamie’s Italian restaurants. Our next news story was regarding a ban of mobiles phones in schools in France. Some school in the UK already have this rule. This led us to discuss whether we should bring our own mobile phones into school. Ben made a great point by saying that this should depend on how often you are using it and how responsible you are with it.

Jack then brought his ‘Tweet of the Week back, which was:

‘(Concert finishes)

Me: *taking a bow*

Violinist: Hey, give that back!’

It was them time for our ‘Asendo Hour’ update. Jason announced that his album, Scottish by Nature, Part 1 has now been released on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. This includes a previously unreleased track called ‘Chill Pt 2’. He has also released a new song on SoundCloud.

Following the news and back by popular demand was our new signing song, ‘Shotgun’ by George Ezra. This gave us a good chance to practice a lot of signs, such as ‘shotgun’, ‘see you later’, ‘hot sun’, ‘time flies by’ and ‘mountaintop’. We then listened to Jack sing for us the song ‘Thunderclouds’ by LSD ft. Sia, Diplo and Labrinth.

Our Focus of the Week this week is ‘Included’, as part of this we will ensure that we all come together for lunch. Our Sign of the Week is sing, which we all practiced.

Our Finer Diner skill this month is ‘collecting your cutlery’. Kieran has done very well in practising this last week. Liz also spoke about her food tech competition. Each week she will be posting an image of a food item on the board and we have to guess what it is. 10 points are awarded to everyone who gets it right. A lot of students correctly guessed that last weeks’ image was of a potato!

Then it was time for our Star Awards:

  • Our Class of the Week is Jura! Kyran collected a lot of physical activity points, helping them earn a whopping 330 points!
  • The Star Baker this week is Alfie for demonstrating excellent ‘rubbing in’ skills while making pizza.
  • Well done to Ross for completing is first whole mile during our Daily Mile walk!
  • Alfie receives a second Star Award this week for joining in the school football match and playing positively with his peers during the whole game.

Our assembly this week finished with a song chosen by Jura class, which was ‘Bring It All Back’ by S Club 7.