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Fireworks, marshmallows and lots of prizes!

What a relaxing start to the week with our Monday morning yoga! There was lots of yoga poses to try out. The music was lovely and calming and after all the stretching we were feeling sleepy. The side twist pose had us lying on our backs, bringing our knees up to our chest for a hug. We spread our arms out beside us and twisted our bodies to each side to feel stretched.

We then said good morning and it was time for Attention Autism – What’s in the bucket?

The first item to appear from the bucket was the clapper. Lucy let everyone see how moving the clapper back and forth made a very loud clicking sound. Jay was so eager to have a shot with the clapper, he even clapped the clapper for his Cartoonitos.

It was then time to say goodbye to the clapper and next from the bucket was a very flashy and bouncy light up ball. David, Kyran and Jay all had a shot at catching and throwing the bouncy ball to Lucy before it was time for the ball to bounce back into the bucket.

Just like a firework in the sky, the next thing was a very colourful ball that got bigger and smaller when you opened and closed it. Everyone enjoyed watching the firework and see all the colours.

The lid went back on the bucket and Lucy placed a very big dark blue piece of paper on the floor in front of everyone. It was just like the night sky! Red card on the blue paper was placed at the bottom to make the base of the fire and orange flames were made from shiny paper and tissue paper. The noise sounded just like the crackling of a bonfire!

Next Lucy took some colourful paint and created big beautiful fireworks in the sky on the paper.
At bonfire night sometimes it is nice to roast marshmallows at the fire. So David, Alexander, Kyran and Liam all got very long sticks and pushed a marshmallow on to the end and placed it over the bonfire on the paper.

It was time now for Look, Listen and Recap from the week past. And what a busy week it was!

All our young people were busy baking in the kitchen last week. Jack was creating cob webs; Adam was making devils and David, ghosts!

There were lots of pictures to look at from the New Struan Halloween party last Thursday. Dancing, dunking for apples and pumpkin prizes were the highlights. David nailed the doughnut challenge at the party too. Check out David's challenge on video here

This week, there are lots of fun activities to look forward to.

On Tuesday we have the farm visit. On Wednesday there’s cycling, animation and drama as usual. This week we have a special tennis session with the Judy Murray Tennis Foundation! We are looking forward to that very much -  what a busy day on Wednesday. On Thursday there is swimming and Rebound Therapy and on Friday music therapy time with Janet.

The week we have FIVE star awards to give out!

Jack won a star award for creating lots of the cobwebs on the cupcakes for the party all by himself. Caine had his first party ever at New Struan on Halloween – great job Caine! Adam went to Gartinny nursery for his work experience and was very busy. He relaxed at the end of the day by chilling out and sitting back on their rocking chair -  quite right Adam! Liam was very friendly and said “Hello” whilst giving a friendly wave this week.
The star baker award goes to…..Benjamin! Congratulations Benjamin, you made lots and lots and LOTS of spooky cupcakes for the Halloween party for everyone to enjoy.

Well done to everyone on such a busy and fun week.
Our assembly finished with a dance and sing-along to Meghan Tainor - Run like the River. David’s dancing skills were very impressive!