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Focusing on kindness

At the start of our assembly this week, Deborah shared with us that Freddie spent the weekend at her house with Marley! Deborah’s children made a human obstacle course for Freddie, who was very well behaved during the weekend. They were even able to get him into his harness to take him outside!

As part of ‘Look, Listen’ this week, Lucy showed us some highlights from our focus from last week, which was to help and show kindness. Jura demonstrated this by putting their bikes away after use, and Alfie was kind to staff when making a positive choice. Liam was very kind towards Jenny, giving her the smiley face inflatable ball and Jack was patient with David. Well done to all of our pupils for demonstrating these acts of kindness!

It was then time for our news presented by Jack – this time with pictures! In class news, Skye’s sunflowers and peas have been growing really well! Barra class have been enjoying their pirate themed arts and crafts, Ross has been singing more and David’s level of engagement in Drama has increased. Kyran in Jura has also learned how to ride a bike – well done Kyran!

In other news, a woman named Lisa Drewe has come up with the term ‘islandeering’, which involves making a journey around the outer edge of an island by any means possible, such as walking or paddling. So far, Lisa has completed this on 130 of Britain’s ‘hidden’ islands. Lucy suggested that we could do this as a future fundraising activity!

Jack also let us know that this week is Deaf Awareness Week. The theme for the week is ‘Celebrating Role Models’. Next week, Jack will share with us was role models he has chosen for the week.  

We were then treated to three Jokes of the Week:

Joke One: Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?

They lactose.

Joke Two: Why did the pig get hired by the restaurant?

He was really good at bacon!

Joke Three: Have you ever tried eating a clock?

It’s very time consuming!

We then followed our news with our signing song, which is ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten. Everyone has been doing a great job practicing our sign for this, such as ‘fight’, ‘boat’, ‘explosion’ and ‘match’.

There was more musical fun after this as Jack sang and danced along to the song ‘Get it Right’ by Diplo.

Our Focus of the Week is ‘Included’ and we will be demonstrating this during the week by helping to deliver invitations for our Family Fun Day to our local community. We have also all been working on our Finer Diners Skill which is ‘pouring’, most especially George who has been making great progress with this! Our Sign of the Week is ‘ride a bike’ and we are sure that our pupils will be practicing this when they are out on their bikes this week!

Our Star Awards this week are:

  • We had a special award to give out to Lorraine, who is our Head Cook. She has received a Long Service Award as she has now been with us for ten years. Thank you for all of your hard work Lorraine!
  • Our Class of the Week is Tiree, who has now won this for their third week in a row. Well done Tiree!
  • Kyran received a Positive Recognition Certificate for making an amazing effort o learn how to ride a bike, which he is now able to successfully. Great job Kyran!
  • Our Star Baker this week is Adam, who demonstrated excellent slicing skills. He also made a delicious chicken curry!

Before heading out for our Daily Mile at the end of assembly today, we all enjoyed dancing along to the song ‘Happier’ by Marshmello ft Bastille.