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Lendrick Muir and the week ahead!

It was a very busy assembly this week with everyone still excited about the week they have spent at Lendrick Muir. We started off the assembly wishing Charlie/Jay a very Happy Birthday. He turned 8 last week and had an amazing birthday cake! 

Next we watched a slide show with some of the pictures from Lendrick Muir, everyone had a fantastic time and it was great to look through all of the activities. David was able to see how high he managed to get on the King Swing!

Next, Jack reported the week’s news. Tiree tried so many new activities at Lendrick Muir and it was Liam’s first ever camping experience. In Jura, Kyran lit a campfire for the first time and even took part in canoeing. When he came back he was able to finish his Power Gauntlet! In Barra, Ross really enjoyed the bungee trampolines and David Jackson enjoyed going on the King Swing and canoes. Jenny has also been visiting their class. Finally, in Skye and Islay they mostly enjoyed their time at Lendrick Muir.

In other news, Jack told us about a new gambling addiction clinic opening in England. The clinic is the first of its kind as it specifically targets young adults and teenagers between 13 and 25. This week coming up we have sports day which we are all very excited for!

Then, Jack told us 3 jokes of the week, what a treat!

If a child refuses to sleep during nap time

Are they guilty of resisting a rest?

Did you hear about the sick Italian chef?

He pasta-way

I cannoli imagine what his family are going through

I was at the beach and I saw a guy in the water yelling

Help! Shark! Help!

Somehow, I knew that shark wasn’t going to help him…

Next, we had our first song of assembly, our sign song. We signed and sung along to Fight Song by Rachel Platten signed along to words like ‘boat’, ‘fight’, ‘explosion’ and ‘match’. Only one more week of this song and then it’s time to pick a new one!

Jack then performed Wish You Well by Sigala featuring Becky Hill. Jacks moves were terrific, he always puts so much energy into his performances!

Our focus for the week is Achieving – this will help us next assembly where we get to reflect on our achievements from the past year. Our Finer Diners skill for the month is still collecting our own cutlery which we demonstrated at Lendrick Muir. The Eco Batton has been passed from Tiree to Barra.

Finally we moved onto our Star Awards, this week everyone got one! The Positive Recognition Certificate was given to all pupils at New Struan School for their achievements at Lendrick Muir. Lendrick Muir staff have also given every pupil at the school a certificate for their participation and achievements this week.

Finally we finished assembly with a song and dance to Firework by Katy Perry then we went for our Daily Mile!