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Re-opening of our School

29th June: Re-opening of the School Building

You will be aware of the Deputy First Minister’s announcement last week of the aim to re-open all schools to all pupils on a full-time basis in the new term. This is dependent on scientific and health advice and we are currently waiting on detailed Scottish Government guidance, which will set out the arrangements required for safely re-opening schools.

This change in guidance from the Scottish Government means that previous plans for a blended learning approach in our schools will only be applied should the health position regarding Covid-19 deteriorate.

To provide some concrete information to support the pupils with the return to school we have re-adapted the pupil visual booklet which now contains information about the new terms that we know will not change. The booklet has been sent to you via email.

When further guidance is provided by the Scottish Government we may need to give the pupils additional information.

If the virus continues to be suppressed over the summer then it is our intention that pupils can return to full-time education with us on the 12th August. The normal term time hours will be re-instated, with a start time of 9.30 am on Monday and a 2.00 pm finish on Friday.

However, the transition back to the full-time attendance at school may be a challenge for some of our pupils, we will take this return at a pace that they can manage. If building towards full-time attendance in the new sessions is more appropriate for some then that is what we will arrange and support.

Below you will find our alternative approach  to re-opening the school, announced on 10th June. This approach involves the previous mentioned 'blended approach', which will be followed in the event that school's are not premitted to re-open full-time in August.

10th June: Re-opening of the School Building

New Struan School’s building will re-open on 12th August to all pupils on a blended approach to learning to support physical distancing. The school population will be split, and pupils will attend school in person on their allocated days. Online learning will continue for all pupils on the days in which they are not physically in the school building.

Based on which classes pupils are in, they will be split into two groups. Pupils in group A will attend school on Monday and Tuesday each week 9am-3pm.  Pupils in group B will attend school on Thursday and Friday each week 9am-3pm. All learners will be at home on a Wednesday supported by online learning, resources and activities that support their education level.

This allows Wednesday to be a deep clean day at the school between the attendance days of both sets of pupils and will also be a day for education planning and collegiate meetings for teachers and classroom assistants.

Staff Return

Teachers and education team members will return to the school building in mid-June to prepare the physical spaces and develop the blended learning approach for the new session.

Preparing to Re-open

Most young people’s meetings, including pupil review meetings, will continue to be held remotely. Outdoor learning opportunities will continue to be provided on a daily basis to all pupils, in order to increase the use of learning outside and, therefore, further reducing risk.

New Struan School will work with our young people, their families, local authorities, the regulatory bodies and Public Health colleagues to ensure that we work in partnership to risk assess at what stage it might be safe for relatives, social workers and other professional helpers, (who would ordinarily be able to visit and spend time with young people) are able to do so with strict physical distancing measures in place.


We will ensure staff are equipped with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to deliver personal care and that they are provided with advice and support in relation to the wearing of PPE.

We will also ensure all risk assessments and response plans for young people and/or staff who become symptomatic, including test procedures, are in line with national guidance. We have a comprehensive policy and implementation programme, which will continue to ensure effective hand hygiene, cough and sneeze (respiratory hygiene) and cleaning; as well as surface cleansing and disinfection. Deep cleaning will continue to be completed as required.

Physical distancing will continue to be in place throughout the school building, as far as is possible. This includes management of reception areas, restrictions on how young people access certain spaces within the school building and changing the layout of shared and classroom spaces.


Careful review of how the school responds to referrals will continue on an individual basis, to ensure risk assessment and support to young people when arriving and being welcomed and settling in to New Struan School


There will continue to be no external guests or visitors unless essential for young people’s wellbeing.