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A Lovely, Sunny Monday!

We had a very busy assembly this week as it was our first since we came back from our Spring holidays! Unfortunately Marley was feeling poorly so she wasn’t able to join us, but Deborah told us that she enjoyed some of the beautiful weather that we had over the weekend. It was also Rebecca’s turn to look after Freddie, and she said that he was very well behaved and didn’t chew any wires of furniture, but he did enjoy munching on some toilet roll holders!

To start ‘Look, Listen’ today, Liam introduced to is new friend, Beachy! He told us that Beachy was very happy as it has been sunny, and loves to be the star of the show. Liam is currently working on creating a story and animation for Beachy, which we are all looking forward to seeing when it is ready!

Lucy then introduced us to our generation project, where we will be looking to spend time with members of the older generation one morning every month. Our first visit will be next Wednesday, 1st May at the care home in Sauchie where we will meet the residents and chat. Anyone who is interested in participating should speak to Rachel for more details.

Our summer Sunflower competition has also begun between our classes. The pupils who are taking part have already started by planting our sunflowers in pots in our classes, and once they grow bigger they will be moved outside. We are excited to see which sunflower grows the biggest!

We have also recently taken part in some Recyke-a-bike sessions. David and Liam enjoyed going fast, and Kyran also enjoyed practising cycling on his own!

To finish ‘Look, Listen’ today, Lucy showed us some images from our Rabbie Burns performance, which took place on the last day of term before our Spring holiday. Our audience really enjoyed the creative shadow puppetry that was created by our pupils, and Jack was very convincing as a drunk person. David also did a great job as our devil!

It was then time for our news, which was presented by Jack. In class news, everyone in Tiree took part in the Bikeability sessions and said it felt like the cycle of a lifetime! They also enjoyed taking part in Yoga.  Ben in Skye class has also been very active, taking part in the Daily Mile on the arm bike. In Barra class, David also enjoyed the Bikeability session and Ross had lots of fun at the weekend on a bouncy castle. They both also had a great time taking part in the easter egg hunt! Kyran in Jura also had lots of fun at a gaming arena, and Freddie in Islay has enjoyed spending time outdoors.

In other news, investigators looking into the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris believe that a ‘computer glitch’ may have caused the incident following interviews with 40 people. In the DR Congo in Africa, two gorillas were spotted taking a selfie with their rangers, where they posed like humans.

Jack’s Joke of the Week is:

What did the pirate say when he turned 80 years old?

Aye matey!

Following the news, it was time for us to learn our new signing song, which is ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platton. Deborah started by showing us some signs to go along with the song, including ‘wave into motion’, ‘fight’, ‘strong’, ‘sing’ and ‘loud’ and we enjoyed practicing these during the song.

We then had a special treat from Jack and he sang and danced for us along to the song ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish.

Our Focus of the Week is ‘active’, and class points will be awarded to pupils using our new bikes and taking part in the Daily Mile. Our Finer Diners Skill of the Month is ‘pouring’, and pupils will have the chance to practice pouring and stopping at the correct point. Our Sign for this Week is ‘sing’ which we practiced during our signing song.

Lucy also updated us on our Eco-Schools recycling bins. We now have a ‘recycling baton’ that will be handed to a different class each week. The class with the baton will then have the responsibility to ensure that the recycling has been taken out that week. Our first class to do this is Skye!

It was then time for our Star Awards:

  • Our Class of the Week is Tiree. Well done guys!
  • Our first Positive Recognition Certificate was awarded to Kyran, for embracing his confidence to give riding a go.
  • Ben also received a Positive Recognition Certificate for being an effective contributor and creative a visual sequence of how to plant sunflower seeds for the rest of our pupils. Great job Ben!
  • Ben also received our Star Baker award, for mastering the skill of lining the tin when making his delicious chocolate brownies.

Following the Star Awards, Lucy announced that on May 17th we will be having a special graduation ceremony for Jamie who will be leaving the school. Our Speech and Language therapist, Alison is also retiring. Thank you for your hard work and support Alison!

Our assembly this week ended with everyone dancing along to ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga as chosen by Liam from Tiree class before everyone headed off to make the most of the beautiful sunny weather on our Daily Mile!