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Minty Monday and lots of awards!

We started off with a big stretch this Monday morning whilst relaxing at yoga. We tried a new pose this week and it was nice and easy. We sat on our knees and stretched right forward, as far as we could reach with our hands in front of us on the floor. Then we moved our legs back so we were no longer kneeling and the yoga pose was complete!

We then sat back on the floor and crossed our legs in a mediating position and concentrated on our breathing. After this we rolled up our mats and moved on.

The smell of the day was Peppermint for ‘Minty Monday!’

It was then time for Attention Autism. Everyone sang “I’ve got something in my bucket, in my bucket. I’ve got something in my bucket, let’s look and see…”

A yellow magnifying glass! We could play Eye Spy with the magnifying glass and when Danny looked through the glass he spied his mum sitting in her chair.

Then Popping Penguin joined us and Jay was very good at popping the penguin so the ball flew across the room!

Next a pink bunny rabbit and a yellow bunny rabbit came out from the bucket as well as a small chick. There was a very fast animal race and everyone watched to see who would win.

After this there was a penguin float. There was a bowl with water in it and a very big iceberg! Everyone wanted to see how many penguins could fit on the iceberg. EIGHT! Eight penguins balanced on the ice float in the middle of the bow.

Then we had Look, Listen and Recap!

There were two videos to watch from last week’s activities. We saw that alexander was holding some snails and they came out their shell. George was riding his bike all by himself outside too! Well done George.

This week we have the farm on Tuesday, drama and cycling on Wednesday, swimming and bouncing on the trampoline this Thursday and on Friday, Janet will come in so we can have singing and music.

That is a lot to look forward to, what a busy week!

This week’s star awards to go Kyran and Benjamin for coming together so positively to create the puppet show for everyone. There was lots of responsibility and confidence involved!

Everyone loved their puppet show and we look forward to a Halloween one in a couple of weeks!

Star baker this week goes to Sam for making a lovely Battenberg cake that looked and tasted amazing!

David also won star baker this week for baking cupcakes for the MacMillan coffee morning. Well done David!

As always, we ended this assembly with a dance and boogie. Enjoy the fun week ahead everyone!