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Playing and Resting

Unfortunately Marley was unable to make it to assembly this week, but instead we had a new visitor- Coll! Scottish Autism’s Health and Safety partner Vince, brought Coll along to assembly and showed us some tricks that Coll can do.

Over the weekend, Jack went to Edinburgh Zoo and he enjoyed seeing the penguins the most. Danny went to a tractor show, where he looked at lots of different tractors and got a new cushion with a tractor printed on it.

Our Right of the Week is:

‘You have the right to play and rest’

We will all definitely be taking advantage of this right as our school term ends this week and the holiday begins.


To start ‘Look, Listen’ this week we were introduced to Indie, who runs animation workshops. She showed us one animation created based on Minecraft. Indie also explained that there are many different things that can be used in animation, from objects and toys to people! We will have our own animation group with Indie on the first Monday back from the Easter break, and we are looking forward to seeing what we can create!

Lucy then announced that it is World Autism Awareness Week, and showed us a poster Jack had made previously about his autism. To celebrate this week, we will be thinking about our autism and what makes us great. We will be also looking at a number of ways we could raise awareness or money for the school over the course of Autism Awareness Month in April.

Our performance of Macbeth will be taking place on Friday, and all of our invites have been sent. Our dress rehearsal will be taking place on Wednesday to make sure we are ready for the big performance!

Our Newsdesk update was then presented to us by Jack. It is Ray’s last week with us, with her last day being on Friday. Ray has been at the school on student placement and she will also be starring in our performance of Macbeth on her last day. It is also Geraldine’s last week, and Jamie is making a special ‘Goodbye Book’. Jamie invited everyone at assembly to come along and write in the book.

Jack then also told us that not only is it the last week of term, but Sunday will be Easter Sunday, and April Fool’s Day! Lucy also mentioned that over the holiday Ash Class will undergo a refurbishment.

Our last news update was the success of the first nonstop flight from Australia to the UK. The flight has officially landed in London following a 17 hour journey.

Jack’s Tweet of the Week is:

‘You ever say a big word and start feeling kinda smart but then you can’t finish the sentence because you got distracted by how smart you sounded. ‘


Our News segment was followed by a sing along with Janet, our music therapy teacher. Everyone stood up and joined in to chant along with her ‘Choombara’ song.

Danny then shared with us a song about a digger from his DVD, and he walked around the room to show everyone the video that went along with it.

Following this, Jack then sang for us a rendition of ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman film.

Our Sign of the Week this week is ‘Friend’.

Our Star Awards this week are:

  • Class of the Week goes to Birch and Willow Class for their sculptures of dogs made out of recyclable materials
  • Our Finer Diners this week are Mhairi and Jamie for working on our skill this month of scraping their plates
  • Our Rights Respecting Award goes to Alfie for challenging himself to achieve a big jump at Jump N Joy trampoline park

Our assembly this week ended with the song ‘I’m On My Way’ by The Proclaimers, which was chosen by Pine class.