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Ready for the week ahead!

We started assembly this week with news of both Marley and Freddie and the adventures they have been up to! We also spoke about the visit to Lendrick Muir and how great everyone was this week when practicing putting on their harnesses and helmets.

Next we moved on to the Class News of the Week! In Jura, Kyran went to Glasgow with his family to get his phone fixed. Jay is also learning to write on his own. In Skye, Ben and Arran were trying on their harnesses and helmets for Lendrick Muir. Last week a few students and staff in Tiree were ill, but they’re all back now and getting excited for the “Kids Day Out”. Finally, in Islay Freddie chewed the wires around the fire alarm while staying at Rachel’s this weekend. In other news, Jack told us about a 7 year old girl who saved her family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning after remembering a lesson in school on how to spot the signs. The week ahead looks like lots of fun with Kids Day Out on Wednesday, Yoga on Thursday and Drama on Friday.

Jack treated us to 4 jokes this week! They were:

Joke One: There was a girl band and the names of each member were:

 Anna1, Anna2, Anna1234.

Joke Two: I am terrified of elevators

I’m going to start taking steps to avoid them.

Joke Three: The man who invented Velcro died…


Joke Four: What did Apple call its book of cheesy jokes?


Next, we all joined in to sing and sign along to ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten. We signed along to words like ‘boat’, ‘fight’, ‘explosion’ and ‘match’. Everyone did a great job!

After that, Jack performed SOS by Avicii. His performance was fantastic with lots of amazing dance moves.

The focus of this week is ‘Included’ and we can practice this at Kids Day Out! The Finer Diners skill of the month is ‘collect my own cutlery’. We all also had lots of fun working on the sign of the week which is ‘fun’! The eco baton went from Skye to Tiree. and class of the week is Tiree!!! Well done Tiree, very well deserved.

The Positive Recognition Certificate was awarded to Alfie this week for being a really effective contributor. Amazing work Alfie!!!

There was also 2 Star Bakers this week. Both Jason and Jack completed their National 3 in Practical Cookery exam. Well done guys!!!

We finished assembly with a song and dance to Undecided by Chris Brown and then went for our Daily Mile!