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Snow indoors at this weeks assembly

On this very cold, wintry Monday morning we started off the day with our usual yoga poses. The Rock, the Twist and the Cobra. It was a very busy assembly today with lots going on.

What was in the bucket today?

A very spikey, but very soft light up bouncy ball. Lucy threw the ball for Benjamin, Caine, Jay and Kyran to catch. Ross also had a shot at feeling the soft spikes on the glow up ball.

A rainbow ribbon on a stick was great at making shapes in the air. Jay, Kyran and Caine made lots of big circles and wavy lines with the ribbon on the stick.

After this, it was time to say goodbye to the bucket and find out more about the week ahead…

Lucy and Deborah placed a plastic lid on the floor, and Deborah sprinkled some white dust on top of the lid. She then poured a few drops of water onto the white dust. What was going to happen next?

The white dust turned to snow!

There was snow inside at assembly. It will maybe snow tonight, so wrap up warm this week, it will be very cold.

Lucy let us know about a new person who will be joining New Struan School next week.
Ellie will be joining us so we can say hello to Ellie when she arrives.

This week we will have Farm on Tuesday, Drama (practicing for the Alice in Wonderland play), Animation and the last swimming until after the easter holidays, so enjoy this week’s swimming time everybody! On Thursday we have Rebound Therapy and on Friday, music with Janet.

Looking back at last week, Caine was busy workign on his 50 things, so he posted a letter in a big red post box in the street. The reharsals for the Mad Hatters crazy tea party in the Alice in Wonderland play had Giant tea pots, tiny tea cups all across the big long table!

There was a lot of action with Jura class this week, Kyran was lifting and throwing water balloons. The water filled balloons looked quite heavy but Kyran throw them far to make a big SPLAT!

Jay had a nice time last week relaxing on his chair, it looked very comfy. 

5 star awards this week. The first star award fgoes to Alexander for demonstrating very safe chopping skills and correct use of the microwave and hob to make his Haggis, neeps and tatties for Rabbie Burns week! Great job Alexander.

The next star award goes to Jay for using his knofe and fok correctly to eat his lunch. Well done Jay.

David also got a star award for using his imagination. He put on a dinosaur mask to act as a dust mask, and used the money gun as a sander. Incredible pretending David!

Last week, Jack and Kyran went on the bus on the way to swimming. Both of you have a star award certifiacte for being out and about in public on the busy bus!

What a great week to look forward to, who will earn a star award next week?

It was time to dance to our song Term’s song ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ by The Beatles.