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A Special 50th Anniversary Animation

This week we had our last assembly of term as our October holiday begins next week. At the beginning of assembly, Deborah told us about how Marley didn’t do much this weekend as the weather was so bad, but they did enjoy a walk in the rain! Over the weekend Freddie stayed at Kelly’s house and spend his time playing with her 2 guinea pigs.

We then had a look at our ‘Right of the Month’, which is:

‘You have the right to be listened to and taken seriously.’

This right was chosen by our pupil voice group who met a few weeks ago. They have been looking at the questionnaires received so far so they can draw inspiration using the views of other students. Once all of the questionnaires have been collected we can submit them to receive our Bronze Rights Respecting Schools award!

‘Look, Listen’ this week began with Lucy telling us some more about our career fayre taking place tomorrow. We will be welcoming a number of visitors including a palaeontologist, the police and fire services who will be answering any questions we have about their careers.

We then all watched an animation which was made by a number of our pupils to celebrate Scottish Autism’s 50th Anniversary. This wonderful, quirky animation was premiered to friends and family at our learning fayre last week. Well done to all of the pupils involved and a huge thanks to Indie from Square Peg and Claire Hume for supporting our pupils with their creation.

There are only two days left for our pupils and staff to donate food to our collection for Alloa Food Bank. Items such as tins of food, soup, jam, tea, coffee and biscuits are still needed, and Skye class will be delivering the food on Wednesday.

We then went over to Jack and Jason with our news updates. In our school news, Liam in Tiree class did the Daily Mile for the first time last Thursday. In Jura class, it was Jamie’s birthday yesterday and everyone in the flats enjoyed dancing to ‘Animal Boogie Woogie’ in celebration. In Barra, David Jackson made his own sensory box and David is enjoying being back at school. Ross has also been doing well at following his timetable. Everyone in Skye Class will be going to the food bank on Wednesday afternoon and if Islay class earn enough marbles they will be able to go to Makers Cafe. A new addition to our school news is what has been going on in Food Tech. This week it is Brambly Apple Week and food item in last weeks’ food picture competition was of wheat. Jack was the only pupil to guess this correctly. In entertainment news, pop singer Taylor Swift has broken her political silence in favour of the Democrats in the upcoming US midterm elections.

Jack’s Joke of the Week is:

‘My earliest childhood memory is visiting the eye doctor and getting my glasses. Life before that was a blur.’

Jason then provided us with his Asendo Hour update. He will be selling his new mixtape on CD for £2.99 throughout the week. Pupils can purchase the Cd from him when he visits each class.

After our news we learned some new signs featured in our new signing song, ‘Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay. Some of the signs we learned was ‘light’, ‘I think I saw you’ and ‘heavenly’. Everyone at assembly got involved in using these signs and dancing along to the song. Following this, Jack then sang to us the song ‘Malibu’ by Miley Cyrus which was chosen by Danny.

Our Focus of the Week is ‘achieving’. As part of this, we are going to work this week on making our curriculum group choices for next term. We are in our last week of our Finer Diners Skill of the Month, which is ‘making a choice’, and we are still looking at making healthy choices as well as choosing the correct portion sizes. Our Sign of the Week is ‘sky’ which we had plenty practice in doing during our signing song.

We had plenty of star awards this week: 

  • Jamie received a special birthday certificate as he celebrated his 15th birthday yesterday.
  • Aidan was awarded his silver ’50 Things’ trophy to achieving a huge 30 out of 50 things!
  • Our Class of the Week is Islay, who earned just 5 points more than our runner up, Skye.
  • As it is the end of term, Skye class have one a special outing for earning the most points during the whole term!
  • Denaun received a Positive Recognition Certificate for being a confident individual and staying at school all day on Wednesday.
  • Our Star Baker this week is Jay. Jay made sure his Teletubbies were also wearing their aprons, and they helped him to make an excellent fried and boiled egg for British Egg Week.

Assembly this week ended with everyone dancing and singing along to the song ‘Mamma Mia’ by ABBA, which was chosen by Skye class.