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A Special Letter

To begin our assembly this morning, our students talked about what they got up to over the weekend. Jack told us that he watched two movies with his mum, and Sam went to the museum of flight, Danny went to visit his Gran this weekend. April also went shopping and got a lovely pair of new shoes! Teacher Claire also told us that she watched the rugby and the football this weekend. 

We then discussed our Right of the Week, which is:

‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities’

This right was an important factor in our authors visit last week and we will be looking at this in more depth during our learning throughout the week.

‘Look, Listen’ began this week with the announcement that it is British Science Week! A lot of our pupils are interested in science and so over the course of the week we will be taking part in a number of experiments which we will share during our next assembly.  Cameron has already conducted his own experiment in the snow last week.

Lucy then announced that it is Sam’s birthday! We all sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and we will be celebrating more with cake later on in the day.

Our weekly news update was then presented to us by Jack. Firstly, he told us about how he received a letter from the Queen! While learning about the Victorians, he decided to send a letter to the Queen asking her about her early life and her pets. Just last week he received a response from her Lady in Waiting, and enclosed in the letter was some further information on her life, the Crown Jewels and her pets. Everyone at assembly had the opportunity to read letter he received.

Following this, Jack also told us how it was reported that Tesco staff who made it into work during the Beast from the East storm received a £1.52 staff canteen voucher as a thank you!

Our next story was about the sad passing of comedy legend Sir Ken Dodd at the age of 90. He had been unwell for some time but before his death he was released from hospital and was able to marry his partner of 40 years, Anne Jones.

Jack then also told us about our author visit from last week. We were lucky to have Stuart Reid join us, where he ran some workshops and storytelling sessions. During one of the sessions, Lyndsay kindly played as an elephant and Jason and Kamran were chimpanzees! All of our classes really enjoyed having Stuart with us.

Our news segment ended with Jack’s Tweet of the Week:

‘I fed my dogs spaghetti so they could kiss, but instead they’re growling over a cold meatball and not sitting still for my painting.’

It was them time for music with everyone taking was in signing along to ‘This is Me’. Jack then followed by singing us a rendition of ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal The Man.

We then moved on to our Focus of the Week, which is achieving. Jason explained to us that this means reaching your goals. There are a number of ways we can look to achieve in our learning this week, for example with our British Science Week experiments. Class points will be awarded this week for our achieving.

Our Sign of the Week this week is ‘More’, which everyone around the room practiced.

Our Star Awards this week are:

Class of the Week: Willow Class for earning the most class points. They ended the week with 35 points!

Finer Diner: Cameron for practising the skill of scraping his plate with Amanda this week.

Our Rights Respecting Award goes to Alfie for supporting Marley the dog to practice new tricks.

We ended our assembly this week by dancing and singing along o ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ from Toy Story.