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Staying Safe with Technology

Lucy started assembly today by showing us a lovely picture of Marley from the weekend. Deborah had been decorating the house for Christmas and Marley joined in with the festive fun by wearing some reindeer antlers!

Danny then started ‘Look, Listen’ and talked with us about using our technology and online safety. He covered some of the key aspects of our Technology Agreement. This included staying on task and not visiting websites that may have unacceptable material on it. He also mentioned that it is important that we do not share our details online or send friend requests to staff and if we see any content that trouble us, to flag this with staff. In regards to our technology, it should be kept in a safe place during the day and only used during our lunchtime or Choose time.  He also mentioned our Golden Rule which is not to capture images or video of anyone else in the school without permission.  

Lucy was excited to introduce Struan the elf at assembly today. Marley has already seemed to take a shine to Struan and spent the assembly running around with him in his mouth! We also looked at some pictures of our pupils who took part last week in our Daily Mile whilst working on their focus which was ‘active’. Jack also spent some active time collecting eggs at Greenroutes, and Jamie earned some class points also by walking his dog, Buddy.

Sticking with the theme of technology, Lucy spoke to us about Cyber Discovery, which is an extracurricular learning programme being run by the Government. The programme is free and teaches pupils about the field of cyber security, as well as what potential job roles could be available and how they could get into the field. Teachers will be working with any of our pupils interested in taking part to fill out their application.

As Jack is still off, Jason presented the news to us again this week starting with his Asendo Hour update. On Friday he will be releasing his first single from his upcoming album, ‘Holiday Season’. He also showed us the cover art for the album, which looks wonderful and festive! He then told us a shocking exclusive news story. A worker at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas was arrested on charges of human trafficking. It was claimed that the order came from Donald Trump himself and that the worker will be deported and have his visa removed.

We then had a lovely treat as Jason gave us not one, not two but three jokes of the week!

Joke One: I got fined £50 for sneaking popcorn and a drink into Stirling’s Vue. It’s ok though, it still saved me money.

Joke Two: I just found out that Aaaarghh is not a real word. I can’t even express how angry I am at this.

Joke Three: Why does a 747 never crash? Cause when it hits something, it goes ‘Boeing’! (I am so scared about the environment, I recycled last week’s joke).

Jason then informed us that his earlier news story about the worker at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas wasn't true! He told us this to demonstrate how easy it is to spread fake news that people will believe. 

Following Jason’s news, Jamie also gave us his news update, which was that sadly America’s 41st President, George H.W. Bush died last week at the age of 94.

After all of our news, we then moved on to our signing song. This week we reviewed all of the signs we have learned so far, such as ‘bold’, ‘brave’, ‘loud’ and ‘change’ and we enjoyed demonstrating these during the song.

Following this, we looked at our Focus of the Week, which is ‘Achieving and Responsible’. Class points will be awarded to pupils who are responsible with their personal technology by using it only in free time/choose time.

We have a new Skill of the Month during December for our Finer Diners. This is ‘cutting using my knife’, and Lucy has said that knives with bigger handles will be available to help us with this skill.

Our Sign of the Week is ‘to believe’, which was featured in our signing song, and we practiced this again.

Our Star Awards this week are:

  • Our Class of the Week is Tiree, who earned a whopping 410 class points for being extra active this week!
  • Sam, Alfie, Aran and Kyran all received a Positive Recognition Certificate from coming together for creative play in the gym hall with positive interactions from all.
  • Jason also received a Positive Recognition Certificate for choosing safe and healthy ways to cope when things feel a bit stressful.
  • Our Star Baker this week is Jamie, who prepared scrumptious Scottish shortbread and an adorable iced penguin – all while under pressure as he was being filmed by the BBC at the same time!

We ended assembly this week by dancing along to new song chosen by Tiree, which was ‘Zero’ by Imagine Dragons.