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Rebound Therapy at New Struan School

Over the summer, the school had a brand new piece of equipment installed – a large trampoline! This means that we are now able to offer Rebound Therapy sessions within the school, with the help of Callum from Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC.

Rebound Therapy is a form of exercise that uses a trampoline to encourage therapeutic movement in people with a variety of disabilities and additional needs. It’s much more than just bouncing on a trampoline, giving the opportunity to work on physical, social and sensory goals in a fun and enjoyable way using a combination of games and exercises.

Callum comes into school twice a week to offer sessions to pupils, as well as continuing to deliver his evening sessions with some of our residential pupils that we started earlier this year. For our pupils, Rebound Therapy is focused on the sensory and social outcomes, giving a safe space for them to experience the sensations that come with being on a trampoline and the chance to engage with Callum during the session. The benefits of the sessions extend beyond the trampoline though, with the time spent in Rebound Therapy having a calming effect which can help pupils throughout the day.

During each session, pupils have free time to bounce and move on the trampoline in the way that feels best for them. Callum can then introduce different games and activities including bouncing with small, colourful balls on the trampoline to larger peanut balls that pupils have to sit on and not fall off. Also, pupils have the chance to engage in learning how to bounce onto different body parts and get ticks to earn different levels of badges.

Different pupils will have the opportunity to attend Rebound Therapy sessions each term and by the end of this academic year, everyone will have had a turn taking part.