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An exciting week!

We had a very busy assembly this week as we all started to get excited for heading to Lendrick Muir on Tuesday. We started with a recap of last week’s focus, which was ‘included’. We practiced this focus at Kids Day Out, where we had lots of fun. Next, Jack presented the assembly news! This week in Skye class, Aiden and Ben went to the library and Aaron went to D’insi Café. In Tiree class, Liam has made a Beachy Lendrick Muir book. Finally, in Jura class, Kyran made a homemade ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ and is currently also making a ‘Power Gauntlet’. It was also Jay’s birthday on Sunday! Happy Birthday Jay!!!

In other news, Jack told us about two fraudsters who have been pretending to be George Clooney to promote a fashion business after years on the run.

The biggest focus for the week ahead is Lendrick Muir, where everyone is going from Tuesday to Friday. We discussed different things that we will be doing this week and we are all very excited!

Next, Jack told us his jokes of the week. This week he had three, what a treat! They are:

A man is driving home from work when his wife calls him on his cell phone.
“Phil!” She shouts in a panic! “Please be careful! I’ve heard that some lunatic is driving the wrong way on the highway.”
“You won’t believe it, Doris,” he replies “It’s not just one car, its hundreds of them!”

“Boss, can I have a week off around Christmas”
“It’s May…”
“Sorry, may I have a week off around Christmas”

Two drums and a cymbal fall of a cliff…
Ba-dum tssss

Next, Liam told us all about the book he has written about Beachy and Lendrick Muir. Then Kyran told us all about his gauntlet! We then all joined in to sing and sign along to ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten. We signed along to words like ‘boat’, ‘fight’, ‘explosion’ and ‘match’. Everyone did a great job!

Jack performed ‘Sovereign Light Café’ by Keane this week. He said he chose this song because his mum and dad love Keane. He sang beautifully and impressed everyone with his dance moves.

Our focus of this week is to have fun and try something new at Lendrick Muir! Our finer diners skill is to collect our own cutlery as this is also something we will have to do at Lendrick Muir. The sign of the week was ‘Careful’ which is something that will probably come in useful on our trip!

The eco baton this week went from Tiree to Jura and Jura were also class of the week! Well done Jura! In the Star Awards this week Arran has received a Positive Recognition Certificate for his work on designing and making a shield. Star Baker this week was Alexander who made vegetable burgers. Well done everyone!

Finally we finished assembly by dancing to ‘Happier’ by Marshmello ft. Bastille and doing our Daily Mile!