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Holiday News

Today we had our first assembly back after our February holiday. Lucy showed us some pictures of Marley, who went out on a lot of walks with Deborah and her son, Ben. Ben enjoyed playing fetch with Marley and climbing the trees they encountered on the walk.

Over the break our rabbit Freddie was very well behaved when he stayed at Aidan’s house – he didn’t even chew any cables!

This week our Pupil Voice group will be meeting again to go over what we will be including on our new Home School diaries. All pupils are welcome to come along and share ideas on what they will look like and what news we would like to share with our parents.

To start ‘Look, Listen’ this week, Lucy showed us an animation that Kyran has been working on with Indie at Square Peg. Everyone enjoyed watching the animation, which took weeks to finish. Well done to Kyran for his dedication and hard work to finish this project!


Lucy was also excited to announce that we will have a special visitor on Friday. Karen Wilson, Scottish Autism’s Fundraising Manager will be coming to visit with Bailey, her dog! All of our pupils will have the chance on Friday to say hi to Bailey.

We also had a new member of staff visit us during assembly today. Diane will be our new class teacher in Jura, and will be officially starting with us after the Easter break. She said she is looking forward going to some of Jamie’s dance classes to learn some new moves!

Following this, we then moved on to the news section of our assembly. To kick this off, Jason gave us an update on the music he is working on under his pseudonym, Asendo.  He will soon be releasing a compilation of his tracks from 2018, titled ‘Best of 2018.’ He is also working on an untitled project which will be announced in due course.

Jack then provided us with our updates from our break. From Skye class, Rachel, Cheryl and Aidan went to feed the deer’s in Glencoe and Liz and Lizzy from Tiree each went to see How to train your Dragon 3. Jay in Jura now has a baby sister and David from Barra enjoyed watching his dad sanding wood in the garage and playing with his uncle’s dog named Pip. From Islay class, Jack went to Tony Macaroni’s to see his old home school teacher, Kirsty and visited the word buffet in Bishopbriggs to see his nana, auntie, uncle and baby cousin Milo. He has also been working on two new songs for the BBC documentary, one called ‘Madeline’s Static Cello’ and ‘Viewing his Subjects.’ Jack then announced that Amanda gave birth to a baby boy named Freddie.

We then had a special treat as Jack had two Jokes of the Week to share with us:

  1. I’m never again donating money to anyone collecting for a marathon. They just take the money and run.
  2. I asked my date to meet me at the gym, but she never showed up. I guess the two of us aren’t going to work out.

Following all of our news, it was then time to practice our signing song, which is ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra. Before we started the song, Deborah ran through with us all of the signs we have learned for this song so far, such as ‘paradise’, ‘love’, ‘road’, ‘long’, ‘real’, ‘feel’ and ‘roll on’. This was then followed by Jack singing to us a cover of the song ‘Nobody Compares To You’ by Gryffin.

Our Focus of the Week is ‘Healthy’. Our pupils are encouraged this week to share what is going well or what they find difficult so staff can help in regards to staying healthy. Our Finer Diners skill of the month is still ‘using my fork’ which our pupil will be practising until the end of February. Our Sign of the Week is ‘boy’, which was practised during our signing song.

There were only two Star Awards to give out today as we were on holiday last week:

  • Ross received a Positive Recognition Certificate for being a successful learner and trying new things at sensory circuits!
  • Liam is our Star Baker for making some delicious Yorkshire Pudding with Liz.

Our assembly ended with everyone energetically dancing along to the song ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by WALK THE MOON.