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Lots of Awards!

We had a busy and energetic assembly this week with everyone ready and raring to go for the week ahead.  Jack started by updating us on the news! He told us that this week in Barra, Ross walked to ASDA and bought a musical toy. In Islay, Jack and Jason got a taxi to the local Wetherspoons, The Bobbling John to celebrate completing their college course. In Jura, Kyran had an accident but he has learnt from it. Jack W has been very creative, working on camcorder animation. In Tiree, Alexander completed a whole daily mile! The class have also been doing yoga with their instructor Becky. The whiteboard in Skye is broken unfortunately however; Ben is trying his best to fix the problem!

In other news, Donald Trump has arrived for his three day visit to the UK. Jack explained to us that Mr. Trump will be meeting members of the royal family and Theresa May to discuss different issues. Jack also told us about the protests planned across the country against Mr. Trump’s visit. There are protests planned in almost all major cities!

Next, we moved on to ‘Joke of the Week’ and we were treated to three jokes this week. The jokes are:

Joke one: What’s blue and not heavy?

                Light Blue.

Joke two: Did you hear about the train robbery down in Mexico?

                They said the robber had a loco-motive.

Joke three: Before my surgery, the anaesthetist offered to knock me out with gas or a boat paddle…

                It was an either/oar situation.

After the great jokes we moved onto our signing song ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten. Everyone did a great job of singing and signing along, practicing the signs for ‘boat’, ‘fight’, ‘explosion’ and ‘match’.

Next, Jack treated us to a performance of Air Balloon by Lily Allen. His performance was great, he even jumped into the splits!

Our focus of the week is ‘Responsible’ and we will be demonstrating this this afternoon when people from Lendrick Muir come to each class to tells how to safely wear our helmet and harness when we’re there. We will also be able to ask any questions which may help us. We will also be working on our Finer Diners Skill, which is ‘collect my own cutlery’. This goes along with our Sign for the Week too which is ‘collect’ so we can practice both at the same time.

Our eco baton has been found! This week it got passed from Islay to Skye Class. Class of the week went to Tiree this week, well done!! Lots of other awards were also given out today:

Positive Recognition Certificate went to Sam for his engagement in drama and ‘horsing around’ the school!
Another two Positive Recognition Certificate’s went to Jay and Kyran for being very successful learners by following their new timetable!
Ben also received a Positive Recognition Certificate for using his initiative and emailing the IT department when some IT issues needed resolving in the classroom.
Star Baker this week goes to Adam! He demonstrated excellent chopping and grating skills, and even identified all pasta types in the pasta challenge. He added yellow pepper to his bolognaise and loved the parmesan on top.

Finally we finished assembly with a song and dance to Dancing Queen by Abba and our Daily Mile!