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Training Marley and Staying Active

We had an exciting start to assembly this week as we watched a video of what Marley got up to at the weekend. Sam was training her to sniff out her ball, and learned about changing his tone of voice when speaking to Marley, for example, using a higher pitch when giving her praise, and a lower, firmer tone when giving instructions. Deborah also looked after Freddie at the weekend who managed to stay fairly well behaved. Her son Ben loves having Freddie visit and enjoys feeding him carrots!

We then discussed our Right of the Month, which is:

‘Adults must do what is best for me.’

We are going to have a think about the effect decisions made by adults have on us, and our Pupil Voice group will feed this back to us at an upcoming assembly.

To start ‘Look, Listen’ this week Lucy and Deborah talked about how the eco-group are anticipating the arrival of our new recycling bins. Pupils have been making the labels to go on these bins, and the first of the bins to arrive will be blue and green. These bins will sit in each classroom.


The news was then presented to us by Jason as unfortunately Jack is unwell. He started by giving us his Asendo update, announcing that on Friday he will be releasing his first single from his upcoming album, ‘Holiday Season’. The song is called ‘Ocean’s on Fire’ and features PatChat, Lucidity and AnTone. Jason then told us about three kids in Dunbar who were trapped in the Eye Cave for two hours when the tide came in. One of the kids phoned 999 and the Coastguard came to rescue them. In gaming news, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate has been leaked online two weeks before its release date. Jason previewed the game and told us that the graphics on it are beautiful and the art style is stunning.

In class news this week, Tiree have been learning about Thanksgiving as class teacher Laura is from America. Skye class have been partying hard with cake and Aaron has been learning how to code in Python.  Kyran also ran into Lucy last week when going to the theatre with his dad. Pupils in Birch class have been watching Pay It Forward, and Rachel left it on a cliff hanger.

Jason then gave us his own Joke of the Week:

Why does a 747 never crash? ‘Cause when it hits something, it goes, ‘Boeing’!

Following our news, Deborah showed us a new sign for our signing song, which is called ‘Yesterday’ from the Descendants 2 soundtrack. The sign we learned was ‘change’, which we practiced during the song, along with ‘bold’, ‘brave’, ‘loud’ and ‘yesterday’. After this song, Danny sang for us the song ‘Baby’ by Clean Bandit in Jack’s absence.

Our Focus of the Week is ‘Active’, and we are going to put this into practice this week by continuing our Daily Mile, as well as skipping and playing football. Class points will be awarded to pupils who are being active throughout the week. Our Finer Diners have also been working very hard this week on their Skill of the Month, which is ‘returning our trays’. Lucy them demonstrated our Sign of the Week, which is ‘yesterday’. This was practised during our signing song earlier.


The Star Awards this week are:

  • Our Class of the Week is Jura, who earned a whopping 365 points!
  • Arran received a Positive Recognition Certificate for being a successful learner and working on very complex maths, as well as developing programming skills on the laptop.
  • Well done to our Star Baker, Kyran who made excellent Stovies to celebrate St Andrew’s Day!

Assembly this week finished everyone dancing along to the song ‘High Hopes’ by Panic! at the Disco, which was chosen by Kyran from our Class of the Week, Jura.