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Education for Pupils with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (2006) - Livingston: HMIE


Summary of focus

A review of the range of educational provision available to children on the autism spectrum. Including mainstream provision, units within or attached to mainstream schools and autism specific schools.

Outcomes & Conclusions

8 key recommendations:

  • Education authorities should know the numbers of children in their area and have details of provision.
  • Education authorities should have varied forms of provision.
  • Schools should use and regularly review individual education plans. Local authorities should work with Scottish government to ensure co-ordination of support.
  • Schools should provide appropriate opportunities for pupils with ASD to develop life skills.
  • Schools should maximise opportunities for social inclusion.
  • Education authorities should ensure parents have access to information about provision. Authorities should involve parents in training where appropriate.
  • Education authorities should ensure teaching and support staff have access to training and professional development opportunities.
  • Collaboration between education authorities and other agencies to ensure a co-ordinated approach.

This report led to the formation of the Autism Education Working group formed by Support for Learning Divisions, Schools Directorate, Scottish Government.