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Testimonials and Case Studies

Testimonials & case studies

Darren's Story

"As parents we were very anxious to find provision for our son, Darren, after he left New Struan School. We were made aware of the Transitional Assessment Service run by Scottish Autism and after visiting, my wife and I were extremely impressed with the level of care and commitment shown by the staff and management.

Due to Darren being predominantly non-verbal we were concerned about the transition and how Darren would take to the new demands and routine. After a carefully planned transition we are extremely happy with how well Darren has settled in. As a family it is a huge relief to know that Darren is happy and content."

Darren's Parents

Martin's Story

Martin moved into his flat at Roddings on the 23rd May 2011 following a structured transition plan.

Martin's transition plan focused on developing the skills he needed to move into his own tenancy. Martin's team helped build his confidence in a range of social settings and it was vital to develop his independence to allow him to understand the demands of daily living in the community. Martin was empowered to make choices and decisions relating to his environment that was essential in preparing him for the move into his own house.

Martin is now a very sociable young man who loves to spend time with his friends, visiting the local pub and dining in restaurants. He has a busy social life and loves the community disco; he is usually the last one to leave the dance floor!

Martin takes great pride in his home and loves to keep it tidy. His confidence and independence has increased by being involved in the daily organising and maintenance of his flat. He is fully involved in all the domestic chores and takes great pride in keeping a lovely home environment.