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The app that brings together an individual's favourite content and keeps it all in one place.


Scottish Autism in partnership with the National Autistic Taskforce are delighted to showcase our new AutNav app, specifically created for autistic individuals.

The app has been developed in line with the vision of the late Dr Dinah Murray, who was passionate about supporting the rights of autistic individuals with profound communication difficulties, often supported in long-term residential care, and saw AutNav as a method to enable individuals to communicate their interests, and interact with friends and wider family.

AutNav is an app that brings together an individual's favourite content, and keeps it all in one place. It was developed so that autistic people, including those in supported settings, could have more autonomy, and more easily use technology to pursue their interests and keep in touch with friends and family. 

The app works by creating shortcuts to the individual's chosen content, so that they have easy access to: 

  • The music they want to listen to 
  • The videos they want to see 
  • The people they want to speak to
  • The websites they want to visit 

AutNav is highly customisable, so individuals can modify it to suit their needs and preferences. It lets them organise their content in a way that makes sense to them, pick their favourite colour theme, and choose how much information they can see at once. They can also hide individual features depending on how they would like to interact with AutNav. 

AutNav is specifically designed to work with the accessibility features already available on an individual's device. It supports both light and dark mode, and is compatible with a range of different text sizes. 

We have been able to support the development of the AutNav app following a generous legacy gift to Scottish Autism.

Available to download now! 





This app is only compatible with Apple iPads and Android Tablets.