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Lothian Area Services

Help to enhance our service for our supported individuals in Musselburgh

Our Day Opportunity service in Musselburgh, East Lothian supports 14 autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. We are raising funds to support with various renovations, refurbishments and upgrade the facilities that will benefit those supported at the service.

The team at our Lothian Day Service support autistic people to learn and develop new skills and take a full and active role in the community. The building offers large, spacious rooms for group activities as well as small rooms for focused activities such as art therapy, development of communication and technology skills and relaxation.

The kitchen area provides opportunities to develop food preparation and cooking skills which can be transferred to their home setting. There is also a sensory room providing a calm environment for relaxation. This has very recently been refurbished to maximise the potential of this environment for the the people we support.

Our Lothian Day Service is long overdue an upgrade. Each room requires modernisation and there is an urgent need for new flooring, furniture and storage. Additionally, there's a need to upgrade tech and IT equipment such as iPads.

We'd also like to invest in a freezer for the kitchen, as well as provide activities and resources for those we support. This will benefit everyone supported at this service and staff team who tirelessly work to make a difference. 

We hope to raise £37,400 towards upgrading our Lothian Day Service. 

Please get involved and show your support by donating or taking part in your own fundraising activities for our Lothian services.

Meet Ana Sofia

Ana Sofia (32) accesses our Lothian Day Services in Musselburgh. The staff team work successfully alongside Ana’s family to ensure a person centred approach is at the forefront of her support, which includes both centre and community based support.

She contributes to the development of her personal support needs and provides staff with feedback. Ana independently achieves this through communicating with body language, single words and vocalisations. She also utilises symbols/photographs to highlight her needs to staff. Ana offers her team feedback with the use of vocabulary, facial expressions and level of engagement in activities. 

Ana enjoys dancing to music, walking in the local community, watching animals and wildlife, going out in the Day Service vehicle to visit new places, using an iPad to watch videos, look at photographs and listen to music, and also visits to the local hydrotherapy pool.


How to raise funds

If you would like to organise a fundraising event check out our fundraising ideas or you can sign up for one of our Get Active events. Please get in touch with the Fundraising Team at or call 01259 720044.

How to donate

You can make a donation today or please get in touch if you would like our bank details to make a bank transfer. Be sure to let us know which project your donation is to support.

Find out more about the Lothian services. Thank you!