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Outreach Support

Our experienced practitioners have the knowledge and skills to maximise the independence and social confidence of every individual.


Support can be provided to access social and leisure activities or liaise with other agencies in relation to training, employment and social welfare support. Outreach support can, for example, include the development of budgeting and independent living skills.

For each person, a personalised support plan will be developed in partnership with their support team. This is reviewed regularly to ensure outcomes are progressed and achieved. Although there is a wide and varied range of potential positive outcomes, through outreach support, the underlying focus is on enabling individuals to achieve goals which are meaningful to them. 

Social Independence Groups

An additional type of outreach support we offer is social independence groups. The aim of these groups is to provide an opportunity for individuals to meet and participate in social activities. Our practitioners enable and encourage individuals to develop friendships, have new experiences and develop independence and confidence.

Individuals attending the group choose and are consulted on the range of activities available. Social evenings have included games nights, art therapy sessions and outings to the ten pin bowling and cinema. 

We have a group running on a weekly basis in Forth Valley which is open to autistic adults over the age of 18. Individuals are welcome to bring their support worker with them to the group if they wish. 

To find out more about our social independence group in Forth Valley please call us on 0845 300 9271. 

University Support

Scottish Autism Staff can provide one to one support, which can include classroom support, note taking, scribe, creating review notes from lectures and tutorials, laboratory support, field trips and study support. This service is currently offered in Lothian for both students from Scotland and England. 

View our NMH rates for students from England.

Our outreach support services across Scotland are delivered by dedicated teams of practitioners who receive regular autism-specific training. All of our outreach services are reviewed by the Care Inspectorate and full details of recent inspections can be found on their website: 

Meet Susan 

Susan is a 28 year old autistic woman who chooses to receive a direct payment from the local authority to enable her to coordinate her own support. Supported by a small team of staff, Susan is very much involved in the support she receives. At monthly meetings with her keyworker, Susan’s progress is reviewed and future plans are identified. She also outlines any additional support she needs from her team at these meetings, ensuring her needs are being met.

Susan requires assistance with planning and breaking down the steps involved in completing a task. She has always known her goals and aspirations and she has been supported to work towards and achieve these outcomes. A key goal was to learn to drive. Susan wanted to have greater independence by being able to drive and her support staff worked with Susan to assist her in achieving this goal. This involved researching driving schools within her local area and meeting with potential driving instructors. Practitioners accompanied Susan on these meetings and supported her when she shared information regarding her autism and her specific needs with the chosen driving instructor. 

With some support during the first few driving lessons and to revise for the theory test, Susan has now passed her driving test. Central to the success of this is the fact that Susan has always been in control of her support, making decisions about how the support is delivered, when it will be delivered and by whom.


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