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My Five

Our guidance document aimed at helping retail and hospitality businesses become more welcoming and accessible to autistic individuals and their families, has now launched.

Following a public consultation with autistic individuals and their families across Scotland, the document highlights the five most common challenges that some autistic individuals can face when visiting retail outlets and businesses. This free document details the top five suggestions, of some simple adjustments that retailers and businesses can make, to create a more welcoming and accessible environment.

We launched our ‘My Five’ guidance document in partnership with Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre, who have supported us with a number of autism–friendly initiatives throughout our year-long partnership, including the installation of a quiet room and the hosting of quiet hours.

As well as our downloadable guidance document, we have also created an A3 poster that highlights what this public consultation found. In the future, we hope to roll this campaign out further to include other sectors such as sporting venues and workplace environments.

If your businesses would like to get involved with ‘My Five’ and recieve our free guidance documentin full, get in touch with Karen today through the following methods - you can email Karen at or you can call us on 01259 720044.

We can also provide tailored support and/or guidance on how you can make your business environment more welcoming and accessible, if you'd like to receive this please get in touch through the above methods.

Anne Ledgerwood, General Manager of St. Enoch Centre speaks about their involvement with our 'My Five' campaign and how easy it is for other businesses to get involved.

Why businesses should get involved with 'My Five'



'My Five' guidance document:

'My Five' info overview poster: